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25th meeting of the CCT

6 to 7 May 2010

Meeting report

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Working documents

  • Index of refraction effects in blackbody temperature measurements
    A. A. Gaertner, NRC 16/04/2010
  • Realisation and dissemination of thermodynamic temperature above the silver point (1234.93 K)
    Graham Machin et al. (WG5) 15/06/2010
  • MeP-K Direct Method
    G. Machin et al. (WG5) 02/11/2012
  • MeP-K Indirect methods
    Graham Machin et al. (WG5) 23/04/2010
  • Working Group 4 Report to CCT; 05 May 2010
    Joachim Fischer, Chair 12/05/2010
  • Task Group on the SI (TG-SI) Report to CCT
    Joachim Fischer, Chair 26/04/2010
  • Extension of thermodynamic temperature data up to 36 K with dielectric-constant gas thermometry using 3He, 4He and Ne as measuring gases
    C. Gaiser, B. Fellmuth 26/04/2010
  • A procedure for estimating ideal freezing temperatures using the gradient of the freezing plateau
    J.C. Greenwood et al. 28/04/2010
  • Extrapolation of the ITS-90 down to the boiling point of nitrogen from the triple point of argon
    T. Nakano and O. Tamura 29/04/2010
  • Direct cell comparison for evaluation of impurity effect in fixed-point realization
    J.V. Widiatmo et al. 29/04/2010
  • The resistance ratio criteria of PRTs as interpolating instruments for ITS-90
    K. Yamazawa et al. 15/09/2010
  • CCT - WG5 Activity Report to CCT
    Graham Machin, Chair 04/05/2010
  • The discontinuity in T90 at the triple point of water
    Rod White, MSL 17/05/2010
  • Minutes of CCT-WG5 Meeting
    Graham Machin, Chair 17/05/2010

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