Working Group Members

Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions (RMO: COOMET)

Official representative to the JCRB

Dr Valery Hurevich

COOMET President

TC chairs

Mr Anatolii Bescupschi

TC 1.7 Photometry and radiometry

Dr Konstantin Chekirda

TC 1.5 Length and angle

Mrs Dina Chepurnaya

TC 3.1 Quality Forum Technical Committee

Dr Anna Chunovkina

TC 1.1 General questions concerning measurements (General metrology); also Chairperson of the Joint Committee for Measurement Standards (JCMS)

Dr Aleksandr Isaev

TC 1.2 Acoustics, ultrasound, vibration

Prof. Dr Leonid Konopelko

TC 1.8 Physical chemistry

Dr Roman Korneev

TC 1.4 Flow measurement

Mr Petr Krivonos

TC 1.10 Thermometry and thermal physics

Dr Yuriy Kuzmenko

TC 2 Legal Metrology

Dr Sergey Medvedevskikh

TC 1.12 Reference materials

Mr Nikolay N. Moiseev

TC 1.9 Ionizing radiation and radioactivity

Prof. Pavel Neyezhmakov

TC 4 Information and Training Technical Committee

Dr Vitaly Palchikov

TC 1.11 Time and frequency

Dr Ilya Shmigelskiy

TC 1.6 Mass and related quantities

Ms Maryna Yarmalovich

TC 1.3 Electricity and magnetism