Working Group Members

Inter-American Metrology System (RMO: SIM)

Official representative to the JCRB

TC chairs

Mr Hernan Brenta

MWG 10: Flow and Volume

Ms Sally Bruce

QSTF: Quality System Task Force (Chair)

Mr Andrew Conn

QSTF: Quality System Task Force (Secretariat)

Dr Valnei Smarçaro Da Cunha

MWG 8: Chemistry (Amount of Substance)

Ms Elizabeth Ferreira

MWG 12: Quality System

Dr Raphael Galea

MWG 6: Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Mr Felipe Hernandez Marquez

MWG 1: Electricity and Magnetism

Dr Lisa R. Karam

TC Deputy Chair

Dr Diego Luna

MWG 5: Time and Frequency

Dr Thiago Menegotto

MWG 2: Photometry and Radiometry

Mr Aldo Martin Quiroga Rojas

MWG 7: Mass & Related Quantities

Dr Gustavo Ripper

MWG 9: Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration

Dr Andrew D. Todd

MWG 3: Thermometry