Privacy policy

BIPM Privacy Policy

The BIPM is committed to safeguarding personal data.

We only collect the personal data necessary for us to carry out our role as the intergovernmental organization coordinating the world-wide metrology system. We do not sell personal data to third parties.

Where necessary for the effective execution of the BIPM Mission we may publish in meeting reports, and on the BIPM web pages, limited personal data for:

  • BIPM staff;
  • participants in meetings organized by the BIPM or under the auspices of the BIPM;
  • participants in the structures and organs related to the world-wide metrology system.

Additional personal data of interest to the community may be published subject to the individual's consent.

To correct or update your personal data please contact your BIPM contact person. For any questions regarding our privacy policy, or if you are unable to identify your BIPM contact person, please contact the BIPM webmaster. Our full privacy policy is available on request.