Committee members

International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM)


Dr W. Louw

Formerly Director of Research, International and Infrastructure Development, NMISA

South Africa


Dr T. Usuda

Director General

National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST


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Strategy documents

Meeting reports

[CIPM] 113th meeting - Session I - Decisions (2024)

[CIPM] 113e réunion - Première partie - Décisions (2024)



The principal task of the CIPM is to promote world-wide uniformity in units of measurement and it does this by direct action or by submitting draft resolutions to the General Conference.

Duties of the CIPM include the responsibility to:

The CIPM is made up of eighteen individuals, each of a different nationality. The presidents of the Consultative Committees are appointed by, and are normally members of, the CIPM.

The CIPM meets every year (since 2011 in two sessions per year) and, among other matters, discusses reports presented to it by its Consultative Committees. Reports of the meetings of the CGPM, the CIPM, and all the Consultative Committees, are published by the BIPM.