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BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme (CBKT)

The BIPM CBKT Programme refers to activities coordinated specifically by the BIPM, often in collaboration with one or more of the RMOs, to help the world-wide NMI community obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities needed to fulfil their missions and objectives.

The formal aim of the programme is to increase the effectiveness with which Member States and Associates engage in the world-wide coordinated metrology system.

The Programme encompasses both core activities where building capacity for one participant brings clear benefits to the wider NMI community, and more focused activities, often topic-based, where the benefits rest primarily with the recipients of the activity. The CBKT Programme includes a wide range of delivery options including, but not limited to: workshop-based activities organized at the BIPM and at NMIs, usually in consultation with the RMOs; remote-learning on-line activities (on-line short courses, on-line technical exchanges and e-learning platform); and placements organized at the BIPM laboratories and at partner NMIs.

CBKT knowledge transfer activities are listed on the following page.

Knowledge transfer

These online short courses from the BIPM are usually delivered in consultation with a particular RMO. They offer the skills to use the KCDB tools effectively for creation of CMCs, operation of the review process and piloting of comparisons.

KCDB 2.0 - Online webinars

This foresighting exercise seeks young metrologists' vision of what metrology will look like in the future in order to identify emerging trends and technologies, and to anticipate new challenges and opportunities. The results of this exercise will complement the CIPM Strategy 2030+.

Young metrologists’ 2050+ vision

This initiative highlights the service made available to the world-wide metrology community by senior scientists devoting time to publishing review papers on topics of interest and these papers being made openly available to all through Open Access publication in Metrologia.

Knowledge Transfer through Metrologia



Mr Chingis Kuanbayev

International Liaison and Communication

Mr Kangyoung Sung

International Liaison and Communication