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Young metrologists’ 2050+ vision


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Dear young metrologists,

As future leaders in metrology, we are inviting you to participate in this foresighting exercise to seek your vision of what metrology will look like in the future. Foresighting helps us to identify emerging trends and technologies, and to anticipate new challenges and opportunities. The results of this exercise will complement the CIPM Strategy 2030+.

We encourage you to take part in the foresighting exercise through your Regional Metrology Organization (RMO). As part of this exercise, we developed a questionnaire to start the process and to get your initial ideas on the vision for metrology in 2050+. We hope you will use this opportunity to express freely your views on the future of measurement science. In your own words:

  • Use your knowledge and expertise to identify emerging trends and technologies that could impact metrology in 2050+.
  • Consider the societal, economic and environmental factors that may drive these changes and how they may influence the future of metrology.
  • Collaborate with other experts in your field of metrology, exchange ideas and explore different scenarios.

Your visionary ideas will be discussed widely during virtual online activities and workshops, and will be presented at the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention on 20 May 2025.

As young metrologists, your contributions to create the vision beyond the year 2050 are of vital importance to shape the future of metrology. Please take this opportunity to engage with your peers, share your knowledge, and let’s together create a collective vision by bringing together the different views of young metrologists’ that are inclusive, innovative and sustainable.

Thank you for your commitment,

RMO Coordinators


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Young-metrologists-PAGE coordinators

RMO Coordinators


  • Alphonsus KIPKEMBOI, KEBS (Kenya)
  • Pritesh JIVAN, NMISA (South Africa)


  • Oijai ONGRAI, NIMT (Thailand)
  • Yin Hsien FUNG, MSL (New Zealand)


  • Gulaikhan SUYEUBAYEVA, KazStandard (Kazkhstan)
  • Nikita ZVIAGIN, VNIIM (Russian Federation)


  • Peter PAVLASEK, SMU (Slovakia)


  • Moza Khalfan ALMAMETI, EMI (United Arab Emirates)
  • Rayan ALYOUSEFI, SASO-NMCC (Saudi Arabia)


  • Fernando José Andrés MONGE, LACOMET (Costa Rica)
  • Rodrigo COSTA-FELIX, INMETRO (Brazil)

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