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The BIPM offers a range of communication tools, the primary method being the website. Other offerings include the World Metrology Day initiative, the YouTube Channel, the BIPM LinkedIn profile and the scientific journal Metrologia.

The BIPM produces a range of publications, which are listed and available from the Publications & events tab on the BIPM website.

The BIPM website offers an extensive range of content and resources, encompassing various forms of communication, including news articles, job openings, impact studies, internal events, workshops and reports.

The news articles are made available through BIPM eNews upon subscription via an external platform. Anyone interested in subscribing to BIPM eNews can do so via the the quick access icons on the bottom banner of the BIPM website. The BIPM does not have access to subscibers' private data and the subscribed users are not added to any additional lists.

The search engine on the BIPM website (indicated by the red arrow on the image below) allows users to access information concerning individuals, countries, institutions, database content, Metrologia, and more. The vertical left-hand menu allows users to further refine their search parameters.

The World Metrology Day (WMD) website is a joint OIML-BIPM initiative intended to provide the community members with a helpful, central resource to promote their WMD-related activities:

  • the Directors' message is a starting point for understanding the many implications each theme has for the providers and users of the metrology service. It can also inspire the creation of similar texts, and their adjustment to individual priorities
  • the posters (designed by the RMOs in rotation) are easily tailored to each user's specific requirements. The provision of posters saves the NMIs/DIs the time and costs they would otherwise incur if they had to create individual communication material from scratch. Moreover, the global usage of common base material is an effective way to demonstrate membership of a larger community, whilst maintaining an individual identity (language, logos, etc.)
  • the descriptions (in any chosen language) of the events organized by the community members to celebrate WMD.

World Metrology Day website

The WMD Team is committed to providing the metrology community with communication resources that simplify its task of promoting World Metrology Day. These resources are supplied free of charge. In return, users are asked to share their activities, posters and other related media so that the World Metrology Day team can accurately gauge the impact of its efforts. This feedback allows improvements to the services offered and allows the team to take the necessary actions to ensure it continually meets the needs of the metrology community.

The WMD poster development process consists of the following elements:

  • The BIPM and OIML co-decide the upcoming theme
  • The RMO tasked with designing the poster is informed
  • The RMOs design the poster (in rotation) and make them available to the WMD team
  • Practical details (visuals, logos, copyright, etc) and timeline are agreed with the WMD Team

The BIPM YouTube channel showcases a diverse range of educational and promotional videos organized into 25 playlists. These videos encompass a wide range of topics, including technical webinars, recordings of events, scientific tutorials and lectures, as well as expert group meetings and other topics. The YouTube channel can be accessed via the quick access icons on the bottom banner of the BIPM website.

Content is either public or unlisted (links being shared within specific communities, usually technical). Subscribers receive notifications about new content that may be of interest to their organization and stakeholders.

BIPM YouTube Channel

The BIPM LinkedIn profile is regularly updated with news articles, events and employment offers. This channel plays a vital role in promoting the work of the BIPM and enhancing its recognition among both internal and external audiences. The LinkedIn profile can be accessed via the quick access icons on the bottom banner of the BIPM website.

By following the BIPM’s updates, it is possible to identify content that is directly relevant to your organization or, indirectly, to your stakeholders. Reposting the material is a simple and effective way to share it.

BIPM LinkedIn profile

Metrologia, the leading international journal in pure and applied metrology is published by IOP Publishing on behalf of the BIPM. Dealing with the science of measurement and its applications, the journal publishes experimental and theoretical works representing new and significant advances in metrology. Fields of interest include physics, chemistry, engineering, and biological sciences. It provides two main types of content:

  • Reports about advances in metrology (including Research Papers, Short Communications, Letters to the Editor, and Review Papers).
  • Free access to the:
    • Final Reports of key and supplementary comparisons carried out under the auspices of the CIPM MRA and published in the KCDB, and
    • reports on Pilot Studies organized by the Consultative Committees.

Searching for papers
The papers in the journal are indexed by the BIPM search engine at http://www.bipm.org/en/search

If you enter a search term, then click on the “Metrologia” tab you’ll quickly be able to identify and access papers of interest.

Open access
An increasing number of papers in the journal are being made available on an Open Access basis, which means they are freely available to everyone. The papers that require a subscription (normally managed through an NMI’s librarian) can alternatively be purchased individually online. In recognition of the value to the world-wide metrology community offered by senior scientists devoting time to publishing Review Papers in Metrologia, the BIPM is supporting a CBKT initiative to cover the Article Processing Charge so that these papers can be made freely available. A list of freely available review papers is available on the BIPM website at:


Metrologia home page
For more information about the journal, including how to submit a paper, please take a look at Metrologia’s home page:






A link to the journal’s home page is available under the “Publications and Events” tab of the BIPM website (www.bipm.org).





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