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Monographies BIPM

This series of monographs is published by the BIPM on behalf of the Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation (CCRI). The aim of this series of publications is to review various topics that are of importance for the measurement of ionizing radiation and radioactivity, in particular, those techniques normally used by participants in international comparisons. It is hoped that these publications will prove to be useful reference volumes both for those who are already engaged in this field and for those who are approaching such measurements for the first time.

7 Measurement modelling of the International Reference System (SIR) for gamma-emitting radionuclides
Cox M.G., Michotte C., Pearce A.K.
Monographie BIPM-7, 2007, 48 pp.
6 Thermodynamic stability of radioactivity standard solutions
Iroulart M.-G.
Monographie BIPM-6, 2007, 52 pp.
5 Table of radionuclides
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Monographie BIPM-5 , published in eight volumes with accompanying comments:
4 Activity measurements with ionization chambers
Schrader H.
Monographie BIPM-4, 1997, 176 pp.
3 The application of liquid-scintillation counting to radionuclide metrology
Mann W.B., Taylor J.G.V.
Monographie BIPM-3, 1980, 98 pp.
2 The detection and estimation of spurious pulses
Campion P.J.
Monographie BIPM-2, 1976, 29 pp.
1 Procedures for accurately diluting and dispensing radioactive solutions
Campion P.J.
Monographie BIPM-1, 1975, 32 pp.