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Monographie 97-1 (1997)

Relativity and the metrology of time

Wolf P.

Monographie 94-1 (1994)

Time Scales

Thomas C., Wolf P., Tavella P.

Monographie 90-1 (1990)

Le nettoyage-lavage des prototypes du kilogramme au BIPM/The washing and cleaning of kilogram prototypes at the BIPM

Girard G.

Monographie 89-1 (1989)

High pressure metrology. Seminar organized by the "High Pressure" Working Group of the CCM, LNE, Paris, 1988

Molinar G.F.

Monographie 85-1 (1985)

International intercomparison of attenuation in waveguide R 140 at 15 GHz – Final Report

Bayer H.

Monographie 84-4 (1984)

International intercomparison of fixed points by means of sealed cells (13.81 K to 90.686 K) – Final Report

Pavese F.

Monographie 84-3 (1984)

International intercomparison of power at 15 GHz in waveguide R 140

Bayer H.

Monographie 84-2 (1984)

An international intercomparison of reflection coefficient magnitudes at 10 GHz

Warner F.L.

Monographie 84-1 (1984)

International intercomparison of RF voltage at 100 MHz, 250 MHz, 500 MHz and 1000 MHz – Final Report

Bayer H., Janik D.

Monographie 83-1 (1983)

Principes régissant la photométrie/Principles governing photometry

Wyszecki G., Blevin W.R., Kessler K.G., Mielenz K.D