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Meeting of the CCRI(I) (2003)

21 to 23 May 2003


Working documents

  • CCRI(I) draft agenda
    P. Allisy 21/05/2003
  • A note on supplementary comparisons
    T.J. Quinn
  • NPL primary standard cavity chambers for Co-60 air kerma
    S. Duane
  • IAEA Subprogramme on dosimetry and medical radiation physics (DMRP)
    K. Shortt
  • IAEA Dosimetry symposium recommendations: Annex to CCRI(I)/03-08
    K. Shortt 22/03/2004
  • Monte Carlo calculation of wall correction factors for the air kerma standards of the BEV for Cs-137 and Co-60 gamma rays
    J. Witzani 27/05/2003
  • Resolution to change the definition of dose equivalent in the SI Brochure
  • Recent activities in measurement standards and dosimetry at ARPANSA
    D.V. Webb
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at NPL
    P. Sharpe
  • Dosimetry for radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology at the PTB
    H.-M. Kramer 05/06/2003
  • Angular dependences of responses of cylindrical cavity ionization chambers
    T. Kurosawa
  • Ionization chamber wall correction factors and angular dependences of responses in measuring air kerma for gamma rays
    N. Takata
  • Update on NIST X-ray air-kerma standards and calibrations
    M. O'Brien
  • Update on NIST intravascular brachytherapy standards and calibrations
    C.G. Soares
  • Update on NIST prostate-seed brachytherapy standards and calibrations
    M.G. Mitch
  • NIST Co-60 radiation-processing calibration fields
    M.F. Desrosiers
  • Recent dosimetry activities at the NIST
    S. Seltzer
  • ENEA-INMRI activities on photon and charged particle dosimetry 2001 to 2003
    R.F. Laitano
  • The (2001 to 2003) re-determination of the air-cavity volume for the Co-60 gamma-ray air-kerma standard at the ENEA-INMRI
    R.F.Laitano 21/05/2003
  • Determination of the kwall correction factor of cylindrical ionization chambers of various dimensions
    R.F. Laitano 21/05/2003
  • New correction factors for the BIPM free-air chamber standards
    D.T. Burns
  • BNM-LNHB dosimetry of photons and charged particles 2001 to 2002
    F. Delaunay
  • Monte Carlo calculations of the wall correction factor of the air-kerma standard of the BNM-LNHB
    F. Delaunay
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry standards, facilities and related topics at the NMi
    A.H.L. Aalbers
  • Development of a primary standard for beta particles
    E. van Dijk
  • Radiometry and dosimetry in the energy range from 1 keV to 60 keV using synchrotron radiation
    G. Ulm
  • Status report on the NMi portable water calorimeter
    A.H.L. Aalbers
  • Dosimetry comparisons and calibrations at the BIPM 2001 to 2003
    P.J. Allisy-Roberts
  • VNIIM activity in the field of x-ray, gamma-, beta- and electron radiation dosimetry 2001 to 2003
    I.A. Kharitonov
  • Information regarding the COOMET Technical Committee for Ionizing Radiation
    I.A. Kharitonov
  • Calculation of kwall for Co-60 air-kerma standards using PENELOPE
    D.T. Burns
  • Calculation of the wall correction factor for the BIPM air-kerma standard for Cs-137 using the code PENELOPE
    C. Kessler
  • The role of bilateral comparisons in evaluating the consistency of key comparisons
    D.V. Webb 29/05/2003
  • RMO meeting for ionizing radiation CMCs
    A. Samuel
  • Consultative Committees
    T.J. Quinn
  • Changes to the NPL air kerma standard for Co-60 gamma rays
    S. Duane 04/06/2003
  • APMP/TCRI Activity Summary 2003
    D.V. Webb
  • NRC activities and publications 2001 - 2003
    D.W.O. Rogers 23/05/2003
  • Values of ND,w/NK measured at NMIs for different ion chambers
    D.W.O. Rogers 16/04/2003
  • Progress report on the radiation dosimetry at OMH
    I. Csete 24/04/2003
  • Recent SADCMET events in ionizing radiation
    J. Mostert 22/05/2003

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