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The accurate quantification of analytes important for organic and biochemical analysis can be assured through calibration systems based on reference materials (primary reference materials value assigned for purity, calibration solutions and matrix reference materials) and reference methods.

The Chemistry Department coordinates comparisons of National Metrology Institutes’ (NMIs) capabilities for value assigning primary reference materials and calibrators for both small organic analytes and peptides/small proteins with relevance to clinical chemistry, food analysis, environmental analysis, forensics, pharma and anti-doping analysis.

The Department's work progamme is allied to the CCQM strategic plan, and comparisons planned within the CCQM Working Groups on Organic Analysis (OAWG) and Protein Analysis (PAWG). The Department also runs knowledge transfer programmes for NMIs on the characterization and value assignment of mycotoxin, pesticide, drug and peptide pure material and solution calibrators.



M. Ralf Josephs

Chemistry Department

M. Steven Westwood

Chemistry Department

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