Membres d'un groupe de travail

Gulf Association for Metrology (RMO: GULFMET)

Présidence des comités techniques

M. Abdulrahman Rashed Al Askar

TC CM (Chemistry and Biology)

M. Nasser Al Dawood

TC T (Thermometry)

M. Mohammad Al Fohaid

TC PR (Photometry and Radiometry)

M. Fheed N. Al Subaey

TC AUV (Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration)

Mme Asma Alhosani

TC QS (quality)

M. Waleed Alkalbani

TC EM (Electricity and Magnetism) and TC TF (Time and Frequency)

M. Faisal Alqahtani

TC L (Length)

M. Sami Bin Jurbua

TC Mass (Mass and related quantities)

Mme Samia Mohamed

TC IR (Ionizing Radiation)

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