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Rapport BIPM-2024/02

[ISRD-09] - Internal Standard Reference Data for 19F qNMR: 3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)Benzoic Acid

Auteurs :

Wagner Wollinger, Leandro Santos, Klas Meyer, Taichi Yamazaki, Gustavo Martos, Steven Westwood

Rapport BIPM-2024/01

Change in the value of the UV ozone absorption cross section: Recommendations for metadata provision

Auteurs :

Christoph Zellweger, James E. Norris, Bernhard Niederhauser, Wilma Travnicek, Andrea Minkos, Xiaobin Xu, Sangil Lee, Sverre Solberg, Owen Cooper, Herman G.J. Smit, Leah R. Kauffman

Rapport BIPM-2023/04

Detailed list of components of the BIPM high accuracy reference facility for ongoing comparisons of carbon dioxide in air standards

Rapport BIPM-2023/03

Metrology for Climate Action

Robert Wielgosz, Bruce Forgan, Dolores del Campo Maldonado, Anthony Rea, Emma Woolliams, Janice Fulford, Fabio Madonna, James R. Whetstone, Phil DeCola, Alex Vermeulen, Edgar Flores, Isabelle Ruedi

Auteurs :

Edited report

Rapport BIPM-2023/02

[ISRD-08] - qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data - Benzoic Acid

Rapport BIPM-2023/01

Evaluation report - Survey on digital transformation

Rapport BIPM-2022/03

[BIPM CAG-04] - Calibrant Assessment Guideline: Patulin (PAT)

Auteurs :

Josephs R.D., Gao Y., Li Xianjiang, Bedu M., Choteau T., Daireaux A., Martos G., Gokcen T., Li Xiaomin, Li Xiuqin, Guo Z., Westwood S., Li Hongmei, Wielgosz R.

Rapport BIPM-2022/02

Units and values for the ozone absorption cross section at 253.65 nm (air) with appropriate significant digits and rounding for use in documentary standards (Revised January 2023)

Rapport BIPM-2022/01

Upgrade of the electronics modules of the BIPM Standard Reference Photometers for ozone and the effect on the on-going key comparison BIPM.QM-K1

Rapport BIPM-2020/04

Comparison of Ozone Reference Standards of the ECCC and the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2020/03

Beam characterization for low-energy x-rays and new reference qualities at 1 m

Rapport BIPM-2020/01

Comparison of Ozone Reference Standards of the OEH and the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2019/05

Principles governing photometry

Auteurs :


Rapport BIPM-2019/04

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) 4,4-Dimethyl-4-silapentane-1-sulfonic acid-d6 [ISRD-07]

Rapport BIPM-2019/03

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) 1,4-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzene [ISRD-06]

Rapport BIPM-2019/02

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) 3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzoic Acid [ISRD-05]

Rapport BIPM-2018/06

Measuring conditions and uncertainties for the comparison and calibration of national dosmetric standards at the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2018/05

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (KHP) [ISRD-03]

Rapport BIPM-2018/04

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) Dimethyl sulfone (DMSO2) [ISRD-02]

Rapport BIPM-2018/03

Comparison of ozone reference standards of the CHMI and the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2018/02

How to define the base units of the revised SI from seven constants with fixed numerical values

Auteurs :

Richard S. Davis

Rapport BIPM-2016/01

Report on the BIPM-WADA Workshop: Standards and Metrology in support of Anti-Doping Analysis

Rapport BIPM-2015/03

Report of a comparison between the LNE-LNHB and the BIPM of absorbed dose to graphite in a Co-60 reference beam

Rapport BIPM-2015/02

Comparison of ozone reference standards of the OEH andthe BIPM, April 2015

Rapport BIPM-2015/01

The CIPM MRA: Past, present and future

Auteurs :

Andy Henson

Rapport BIPM-2013/02

The SIRTI: a new tool developed at the BIPM for comparing activity measurements of short-lived radionuclides world-wide

Rapport BIPM-2013/01

Report on the BIPM Workshop on Challenges in Metrology for Dynamic Measurement

Rapport BIPM-2012/04

High-voltage measurement for the BIPM x-ray generators

Auteurs :

Philippe Roger

Rapport BIPM-2012/03

How the non-ideality of real gases affects results of theozone Standard Reference Photometer (SRP)

Auteurs :

Richard S. Davis

Rapport BIPM-2012/02

Verification of the linearity of the new SIR using sources of 64Cu and 99mTc

Auteurs :

Carine Michotte

Rapport BIPM-2012/01

The self-attraction effect in absolute gravimeters and its influence on CIPM key comparisons

Rapport BIPM-2011/07

On the measurement quality of UTC time transfer: Evolution and reevaluation of measurement uncertainty in [UTCUTC(k)]

Rapport BIPM-2011/06

Determination of the recombination correction for the BIPM parallel-plate ionization chamber type in a pulsed photon beam

Rapport BIPM-2011/05

The BIPM 1.018 V Zener Measurement Set-up

Rapport BIPM-2011/04

Measuring conditions and uncertainties for the comparison and calibration of national dosimetric standards at the BIPM [Note: This report has been superseded by Rapport BIPM-2018/06]

Rapport BIPM-2011/03

Comparison of Ozone Reference Standards of the DECCW and the BIPM, December 2010

Rapport BIPM-2011/02

Study of Measurement Service and Comparison Needs for an International Measurement Infrastructure for the Biosciences and Biotechnology: Input for the BIPM Work Programme

Rapport BIPM-2011/01

Directive for operational use and data handling in two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT)