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Rapport BIPM-2022/03

[BIPM CAG-04] - Calibrant Assessment Guideline: Patulin (PAT)

Auteurs :

Josephs R.D., Gao Y., Li Xianjiang, Bedu M., Choteau T., Daireaux A., Martos G., Gokcen T., Li Xiaomin, Li Xiuqin, Guo Z., Westwood S., Li Hongmei, Wielgosz R.

Rapport BIPM-2022/02

Units and values for the ozone absorption cross section at 253.65 nm (air) with appropriate significant digits and rounding for use in documentary standards

Rapport BIPM-2022/01

Upgrade of the electronics modules of the BIPM Standard Reference Photometers for ozone and the effect on the on-going key comparison BIPM.QM-K1

Rapport BIPM-2020/03

Beam characterization for low-energy x-rays and new reference qualities at 1 m

Rapport BIPM-2020/01

Comparison of Ozone Reference Standards of the OEH and the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2019/05

Principles governing photometry

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Rapport BIPM-2019/04

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) 4,4-Dimethyl-4-silapentane-1-sulfonic acid-d6 [ISRD-07]

Rapport BIPM-2019/03

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) 1,4-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzene [ISRD-06]

Rapport BIPM-2018/06

Measuring conditions and uncertainties for the comparison and calibration of national dosmetric standards at the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2018/03

Comparison of ozone reference standards of the CHMI and the BIPM

Rapport BIPM-2018/02

How to define the base units of the revised SI from seven constants with fixed numerical values

Rapport BIPM-2016/01

Report on the BIPM-WADA Workshop: Standards and Metrology in support of Anti-Doping Analysis

Rapport BIPM-2015/03

Report of a comparison between the LNE-LNHB and the BIPM of absorbed dose to graphite in a Co-60 reference beam

Rapport BIPM-2015/02

Comparison of ozone reference standards of the OEH andthe BIPM, April 2015

Rapport BIPM-2015/01

The CIPM MRA: Past, present and future

Auteurs :

Andy Henson

Rapport BIPM-2013/02

The SIRTI: a new tool developed at the BIPM for comparing activity measurements of short-lived radionuclides world-wide

Rapport BIPM-2012/04

High-voltage measurement for the BIPM x-ray generators

Rapport BIPM-2012/03

How the non-ideality of real gases affects results of theozone Standard Reference Photometer (SRP)

Rapport BIPM-2012/02

Verification of the linearity of the new SIR using sources of 64Cu and 99mTc

Rapport BIPM-2012/01

The self-attraction effect in absolute gravimeters and its influence on CIPM key comparisons

Rapport BIPM-2011/07

On the measurement quality of UTC time transfer: Evolution and reevaluation of measurement uncertainty in [UTCUTC(k)]

Rapport BIPM-2011/06

Determination of the recombination correction for the BIPM parallel-plate ionization chamber type in a pulsed photon beam

Rapport BIPM-2011/04

Measuring conditions and uncertainties for the comparison and calibration of national dosimetric standards at the BIPM [Note: This report has been superseded by Rapport BIPM-2018/06]

Rapport BIPM-2011/03

Comparison of Ozone Reference Standards of the DECCW and the BIPM, December 2010

Rapport BIPM-2011/02

Study of Measurement Service and Comparison Needs for an International Measurement Infrastructure for the Biosciences and Biotechnology: Input for the BIPM Work Programme

Rapport BIPM-2011/01

Directive for operational use and data handling in two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT)