Liaison: International Network on Quality Infrastructure (INetQI)


What is the Quality Infrastructure (QI)?


Links between the BIPM and the INetQI

  • The BIPM contributes to the development of a common view and promotion of effective QI.
  • The BIPM collaborates with INetQI in providing technical quality infrastructure training activities through the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme.
  • The BIPM contributed to the common definition of Quality Infrastructure adopted by INetQI.
  • In the framework of the network, a number of documents have been developed to support developing countries in the formulation of quality policies: guiding principles, technical guide and practical tools.


INetQI is a forum in which a variety of international organizations exchange information and, where possible, collaborate in supporting the development of technical infrastructures.

Metrology being one of the key components of QI, through INetQI the BIPM liaises closely with the other quality infrastructure partners (particularly the international organizations in legal metrology, standardization, accreditation and conformity assessment), to focus on the need to meet mounting global challenges and contribute to sustainable development.

INetQI has 14 members: BIPM, IAF, IEC, IIOC, ILAC, IQNet, ISO, ITC, ITU, OIML, UNECE, UNIDO, World Bank, WTO. Some of these organizations are described in more detail on the following pages:



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