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Meeting of the CCRI(II) (2001)

21 to 23 May 2001

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Working documents

  • Protocol on the use of the calibrated γ spectrometer of the BIPM for the measurement of impurities in ampoules submitted to the SIR
  • First measurement of 177Lu in the SIR
    C. Michotte
  • Two-year report to the BIPM, from NIST radioactivity group
  • The works in the field of radionuclide metrology carried out at the VNIIM within the period of 1999-2000
  • Review of recent work and projects 2000
    M.J. Woods, NPL
  • Summary of the research programme related to radionuclide metrology for the years 2000 and 2001
    G. Winkler, IIK
  • Review of the activities at the CSIR-NML
    BRS Simpson
  • Summary of activities in the field of Radionuclide Metrology
    N. Coursol, BNM-LNHB
  • Report on the activity carried out at the ENEA-INMRI on radionuclide measurements in the period 1999-2001
    P. De Felice
  • Efficiency curve of the ionization chamber of the SIR
    C. Michotte
  • Progress report on Radionuclide Metrology (1999-2001), from KRISS
  • High-efficiency photon detection systems for accurate radioactivity measurements
    G. Winkler, IIK 28/05/2001
  • Report of the WG "The Bq @ the Basic Level"
    D.F.G. Reher, IRMM
  • Report on the activities of IRMM-RN since the CCRI(II) meeting in 1999
    D.F.G. Reher, IRMM
  • Progress report on radionuclide metrology (1999-2001)
    L. Szücs, OMH
  • Status of the International Reference System
    G. Ratel 18/06/2001
  • Formulae to calculate the equivalent activity of a radionuclide Ae from the individual results of the participants in a CCRI(II) international comparison
    G. Ratel
  • Proposals for future CCRI(II) key comparisons of activity
  • Future CCRI(II) Key Comparisons – A Discussion
    M. J. Woods (NPL)
  • Progress report on radioactivity standardization
    Y. Hino, AIST
  • Recommendations of the CCRI(II) Working Group on activity measurements, particularly for 204Tl
    G. Ratel
  • Developments of the NMi-standards for radioactivity measurements
    W. de Vries
  • Summary of work in radionuclide field at LNMRI 1999/2000
    Carlos José da Silva 24/04/2001
  • Review of activity of the RC radionuclide metrology (1999-2001)
    R. Broda 26/04/2001
  • Progress report 1999-2001 on radionuclide metrology at IRA-METAS
    J.-J. Gostely 26/04/2001

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