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Meeting of the CCRI(I) (2013)

26 to 28 March 2013


Working documents

  • NRC Activities and Publications 2011-2013
    Malcolm McEwen 20/02/2013
  • Report of the NIST Dosimetry Group to CCRI Section I
    Michael G. Mitch 25/02/2013
  • LNE-LNHB Highlights 2011-2012
    Frank Delaunay 28/02/2013
  • Progress Report on Radiation Dosimetry at the VNIIM
    A.V. Oborin, S.A. Fedina, I.I. Tsvetkov, A.Y. Villevalde 28/02/2013
  • PTB Progress Report
    U. Ankerhold et al., P. Ambrosi et al., U. Giesen, A. Arndt et al. 28/02/2013
  • Report to the CCRI section I on the activity carried out at ENEA-INMRI on photon and charged-particles dosimetry in the period 2011-2013
    M.P. Toni, M. Pinto, M D'Arienzo, A.S. Guerra, M. Pimpinella, M. Bovi 01/03/2013
  • Progress report on the photon dosimetry at CMI
    Vladimír Sochor 05/03/2013
  • Progress Report on Radiation Dosimetry Standards at NMIJ/AIST and Photon Energy Spectra Measured in Fukushima
    Norio Saito, Tadahiro Kurosawa, Masahiro Kato, Yuichiro Morishita, Takahiro Tanaka, and Morihito Shimizu 05/03/2013
  • Progress Report (2013) on Radiation Dosimetry at NPL
    P. Sharpe and S. Duane 11/03/2013
  • Recent Activities in Measurement Standards and Dosimetry at ARPANSA, 2011-2013
    Nkem Anele, Duncan Butler, Andrew Cole, Ramanathan Ganesan, Peter Harty, Chris Oliver, David Webb and Tracy Wright 15/03/2013
  • EURAMET-TC-IR Annual Report 2012/2013
    H. Bjerke 19/03/2013
  • Progress report from the SSDL of the NRPA
    H. Bjerke 15/03/2013
  • IAEA_CCRI_(I)_report_2012-2013
    IAEA 22/03/2013
  • Progress Report (2013) on the Radiation Dosimetry at MKEH
    G. Machula 21/03/2013
  • ITN/IST Publications list as at March 2013
    C. Oliveira 21/03/2013
  • KRISS Progress Report to the 21st Meeting of the CCRI(I)
    Chul-Young Yi, Suck-Ho Hah, Kook Jin Chun, In Jung Kim, Byoung Chul Kim, Hyun-Moon Kim and Young Min Seong 22/03/2013
  • Temperature dependence of cavity ionization chamber response
    Chul-Young Yi and Hyun-Moon Kim 22/03/2013
  • Inherent uncertainty of air kerma
    Chul-Young Yi 22/03/2013
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at NIM
    Zhang Yanli, Wu Jingjie, Wang Peiwei, Li Dehong and Wang Kun 22/03/2013
  • METAS CCRI(I) Report 2011-2013
    B. Boillat, C. Meyer, A. Steiner, A. Tschudin, D. Twerenbold, S. Vörös 22/03/2013
  • Recent Activities in Measurement Standard and Dosimetry at the GUM, 2011-2013
    Adrian Bozydar Knyziak 22/03/2013
  • LMRI (IST-ITN) Activity Report (2011-2012)
    C. Oliveira 24/03/2013

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