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Meeting of the CCRI(I) (2005)

18 to 20 May 2005


Working documents

  • Dosimetry comparisons and calibrations at the BIPM, 2003 to 2005
    P.J. Allisy-Roberts 07/04/2005
  • Recent activities in measurement standards and dosimetry at ARPANSA
    D. Webb 06/04/2005
  • Recent SADCMET events in ionizing radiation
    J. Mostert 06/04/2005
  • Sensitivity of x-ray comparisons and calibrations to radiation field size
    D.T. Burns 08/04/2005
  • Progress in Radiation Dosimetry at PTB
    H.-M. Kramer 03/06/2005
  • IAEA Subprogramme on dosimetry and medical radiation physics 2003 to 2004
    K. Shortt 13/04/2005
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at the OMH
    I. Csete 13/04/2005
  • Recent dosimetry activities at the NIST
    S. Seltzer 18/04/2005
  • Update on NIST x-ray air-kerma standards and calibrations
    M. OBrien 18/04/2005
  • Update on NIST beta-particle dosimetry standards and calibrations
    C. Soares 18/04/2005
  • Update on NIST prostate-seed brachytherapy standards and calibrations
    M.G. Mitch 18/04/2005
  • Update on NIST radiation-processing (high-dose) dosimetry services
    M.F. Desrosiers 20/04/2005
  • APMP/TCRI activity summary 2005 (revised)
    D.V. Webb 09/06/2005
  • BNM-LNHB Dosimetry actions completed in 2003-2004
    F. Delaunay 27/04/2005
  • Report of SIM laboratories to the CCRI (section I, dosimetry)
    L. Karam 27/04/2005
  • Recent activities in radiation dosimetry at the CSIR-National Metrology Laboratory
    J. Mostert 26/04/2005
  • NRC Activities and publications, 2003-2005
    C. Ross 27/04/2005
  • Progress report on proton dosimetry at NPL
    H. Palmans 28/04/2005
  • Recent dosimetry activities at NMIJ/AIST
    N. Saito 28/04/2005
  • Progress report on photon dosimetry at CMI
    V. Sochor 09/06/2005
  • Mammographic dosimetry
    C. Kessler 28/04/2005
  • Correction factors for free-air ionization chambers for X-rays
    T. Kurosawa 28/04/2005
  • BEV Laboratory report for 2003-2005 (revised)
    F.J. Maringer 07/06/2005
  • A correction for scattered x-ray contribution in air kerma calibration
    A. Nohtomi 03/01/2006
  • Re-determination of the correction factors for low and medium energy x-ray air kerma measurement by the ENEA-INMRI FACs
    F. Laitano 06/05/2005
  • Report to the CCRI section I on the activity carried out at ENEA-INMRI
    F. Laitano 29/04/2005
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at the NPL
    P. Sharpe 29/04/2005
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry standards, facilities and related topics at the NMi
    A. Aalbers 04/05/2005
  • Design of a water calorimeter for medium energy x-rays; a status report
    P. Damen 04/05/2005
  • Summary report from the EUROMET
    A. Aalbers 07/05/2005
  • VNIIM activities on radiation dosimetry
    I.A. Kharitonov 05/05/2005
  • ICRU Report Activities
    S.M. Seltzer 12/05/2005
  • Development of the Brazilian Calibration Network for radiodiagnostic dosimetric and quality control equipment
    J.G.P. Peixoto 07/06/2005
  • Uncertainty Workshop recommendations adopted by the CCRI(I)
    P.J. Allisy 08/06/2005

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