BIPM Webinar: Developments Towards Interoperable Metrology

22 June 2022 (07:00-08:30 UTC)

A Session of the Units Summit coordinated by BIPM and CODATA during SciDataCon22


The International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), whose mission is to promote world-wide uniformity in units of measurement, is working to develop a digital framework for the International System of Units (SI). This initiative will be an important step towards the FAIR principles being adopted by the metrology community.

Whilst the initial focus is on achieving machine-readability of data and services, the final objective is for the data and services to become interoperable. This is a complex challenge that will require collaboration with stakeholders and particularly those developing unit and quantity systems and vocabularies.

The session will include talks about how the BIPM is working on the digital transformation of its databases and services as well as the work being initiated in the Consultative Committees, with examples of the work going on within the Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency and the Consultative Committee for Length.





Introduction to the session and presentation of the vision of the CIPM for digital transformation

[07:00 UTC]

Alan Steele (CIPM)

An overview of the work of the BIPM to develop new digital services

[07:10 UTC]

Martin Milton (BIPM)

The “Unique SI Reference Point” – a digital implementation of the SI Brochure

[07:25 UTC]

Janet Miles (BIPM)

An API for Calibration and Measurement Capabilities to underpin mutual recognition

[07:40 UTC]

Susanne Picard and Stéphanie Maniguet (BIPM)

Machine readable data within the frame of disseminating the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

[07:50 UTC]

Frédéric Meynadier (BIPM)

Realizing the metre with a digital traceability chain for the recommended optical frequency values

[08:00 UTC]

Andrew Lewis (NPL) and Gianna Panfilo (BIPM)

Wrap up and discussion

[08:20 UTC]

Chaired by Alan Steele and Martin Milton


The Units Summit @ SciDataCon and the BIPM - Other Sessions

SciDataCon22 will be held online and face-to-face in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 20-23 June 2022. This webinar is organised by the BIPM with CODATA as part of SciDataCon22. The topics discussed will complement those covered in the Units Summit Recap Meeting held on 21 June 2022 at 13:00 UTC.

  • Units Summit Recap Meeting – 21 June 2022 at 13h00 UTC - A special session to allow interested parties to catch up on the SciDataCon sessions of the Units Summit (see below) in preparation for the BIPM's session (above).

During the SciDataCon 2022:


BIPM Webinar Co-Chairs

Dr Martin J.T. Milton

Director of the BIPM
Bureau international des poids et mesures

Dr Alan Steele

Member of the CIPM

Scientific Secretaries

Dr Susanne Picard

KCDB Coordinator
Bureau international des poids et mesures

Dr Janet R. Miles

Bureau international des poids et mesures