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Member State: Russian Federation

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The Russian Federation (then the Russian Empire) was one of the initial signatories of the Metre Convention (20 May 1875).

It ratified the Convention and became a Member State on 20 December 1875.

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Participation of the NMI/DIs in the CCs





Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology



Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 14 October 1999
Signed by: Vladimir N. KRUTIKOV (Vice-President, Gosstandart of Russia*)
* now Rosstandart

Designated institute(s)

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Technical Measurements, Rosstandart ROR logo



D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology, Rosstandart ROR logo


St Petersburg

Russian Scientific Research Institute for Metrological Service, Rosstandart ROR logo



All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements, Rosstandart ROR logo



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The following institutes are authorized to use the CIPM MRA logo, for the fields of measurement supported by CMCs published in the KCDB:


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Comparisons piloted by the BIPM

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Calibration certificates issued by the BIPM


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Calibration certificate No.24 (2014)

1 kg mass prototype, No. 12
  • RU

Calibration certificate No.8 (2005)

Helium-neon laser at 633 nm, VNIIM2
  • RU

Study note No.3 (2001)

Two 100 Ω resistance standards, No. 02593
  • RU



Participation in the BIPM CBKT programme

KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers (2024)

Dr Natalia Klimenko (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Konstantin Popov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Anatoly Yakovlev (VNIIR) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - TC Chairs in Chemistry and Biology (2024)

Mr Sergey Kondratiev (VNIIM) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 – Comparisons (2024)

Dr Anastasiya Tumilovich (VNIIM) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - TC Chairs in General Physics and Ionizing Radiation (2023)

Dr Viktor Chechel (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Anton Kozliakovskii (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Igor Norets (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers (2023)

Dr Andrey Akhmeev (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Marianna Babadzhanova (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Fedor Gorbachev (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Artem Karaush (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Roman Korneev (VNIIR) - Participant

Mr Georgii Lukin (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Andrei Moskalev (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Lyaisan Musabirova (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Konstantin Popov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Rustam Tukhvatullin (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Ольга Шабалина (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Альбина Шафигина (VNIIR) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 – Comparisons (2023)

Dr Aleksandr Dunaev (VNIIOFI) - Participant

Dr Mamikon Ghavalyan (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Sergey Prokunin (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers (2022)

Dr Iurii Kopyltsov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Julia Lokacheva (VNIIM) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 – Comparisons (2022)

Dr Igor Chirkov (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Sergey Serdjukov (UNIIM) - Participant

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Metrology for Safe Food and Feed - Pesticides and Veterinary Drug Residues (2022)

Dr Inna Ushal (VNIIM) - Participant

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2021 - BIPM-ILAC joint webinar: Mining KCDB 2.0 in the context of accreditation (2021)

Dr Leyla Aslanlı Aslanli - Participant

Dr Olga Eroshina - Participant

Dr Evgenia Murashova - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers (2021)

Dr Sergei Marchenko (VNIIOFI) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 – Comparisons (2021)

Dr Alexey Diatlev (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Zoya Fomkina (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Victor Fuksov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Mariya Medvedevskikh (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Yelena Parfenova (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Anna Sergeevaas (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Yuri Sild (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Ekatarina Volegova (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Alexander Vyacheslavov (VNIIM) - Participant

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2020 - COOMET: The KCDB2.0 (2020)

Dr Konstantin Chekirda (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Vladimir Dobrovolskiy (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Tatiana Dubrovskaya (VNIIMS) - Participant

Mrs Olga Efremova (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Viktor Fafurin (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Dmitriy Golovin (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Ilya Isayev (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Evgeniy Ivashin (VNIIOFI) - Participant

Dr Alexander S. Katkov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Boris Khlevnoy (VNIIOFI) - Participant

Dr Vladimir Kosteev (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Elena Kulyabina (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Valery G. Lysenko (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Yekaterina Milovanova (VNIIMS) - Participant

Mr Aleksei Mityurev (VNIIOFI) - Participant

Mr Nikolay N. Moiseev (VNIIM) - Participant

Ms Anastasiya Nekliudova (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Denis Novikov (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Vitaly Palchikov (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Anastasia Petrovskaya (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Irina Rod (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Olga Sladovskaya (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Alena Sobina (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Egor Sobina (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Natalia Tabachnikova (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Lidiya Tribushevskaya (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Albert Tukhvatullin (VNIIR) - Participant

Ms Svetlana Vikhrova (VNIIMS) - Participant

Dr Anna Y. Villevalde (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Anatoly Yakovlev (VNIIR) - Participant

Dr Alexander Yankovsky (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Natalia Zuykova (VNIIMS) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - TC Chairs in General Physics and Ionizing Radiation (2020)

Dr Igor Blinov (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Mikhail Matveyev (VNIIM) - Participant

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KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers (2020)

Dr Gleb B. Gubler (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Alena Mikheeva (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Narine Oganyan (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Maxim Vonsky (VNIIM) - Participant

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2019 - COOMET: CIPM MRA review outcomes (2019)

Ms Olga Bogdanova (VNIIM) - Participant

Ms Natalia Burmistrova (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Anna Chunovkina (VNIIM) - Lecturer

Dr Alexander Doynikov (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Dr Sergey Medvedevskikh (UNIIM) - Participant

Dr Mikhail Okrepilov (VNIIM) - Participant

Dr Andrey Zharikov (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

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2019 - EURAMET: Piloting comparisons in RI (2019)

Dr Alexander Berlyand (VNIIFTRI) - Participant

Mr Andrey Didyk (VNIIM) - Participant

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2019 - Optimizing the CIPM MRA (2019)

Mr Nikita Zviagin (VNIIM) - Participant

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2018 - COOMET: Sound beginning (2018)

Prof. Vladimir Nikolaevich Krutikov (VNIIOFI) - Participant

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2018 - ‘Train the trainer’: Transitioning to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in the CIPM MRA (2018)

Dr Sergei Golubev (Rosstandart) - Participant

Prof. Dr Alexander Yurievitch Kuzin (VNIIMS) - Participant

Prof. Natalia Pavlovna Muravskaya (VNIIOFI) - Participant

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