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Member State: Indonesia

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The Republic of Indonesia became a Member State on 30 September 1960.




Directorate for National Measurement Standards of Mechanics, Radiation, and Biology and Directorate for National Measurement Standards of Thermoelectric and Chemistry, National Standardization Agency of Indonesia ROR logo



Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 02 June 2004
Signed by: H. A. AKIL (Puslit KIM-LIPI*)
* now SNSU-BSN

Designated institute(s)

Center for Technology of Radiation Safety and Metrology / National Nuclear Energy Agency ROR logo

For ionizing radiation



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The following institutes are authorized to use the CIPM MRA logo, for the fields of measurement supported by CMCs published in the KCDB:


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Comparisons piloted by the BIPM

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Calibration certificates issued by the BIPM


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Calibration certificate No.73 (2023)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, 112493
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.72 (2023)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, 112491
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.71 (2023)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, 74
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.45 (2023)

100 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 01572
  • ID
  • BSN

Calibration certificate No.44 (2023)

100 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 01571
  • ID
  • BSN

Calibration certificate No.43 (2023)

10 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 01570
  • ID
  • BSN

Calibration certificate No.42 (2023)

1 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 01569
  • ID
  • BSN

Calibration certificate No.111 (2019)

Zener -solid state voltage standard 7000, N°941254641
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.98 (2019)

1 kg Pt-Ir mass prototype, No. 112
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.6 (2018)

1 kg mass standard, No. 112492
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.5 (2018)

1 kg mass standard, No. 75
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.4 (2018)

1 kg mass standard, No. 74
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.95 (2015)

Zener diode voltage standard, Fluke model 7000, No. 941254641
  • ID

Calibration certificate No.82 (2015)

1 kg mass prototype, No. 46
  • ID



Nationals having participated in / benefited from the BIPM CBKT programme

Dr Nurvita Aji (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Pratama Handaka Putra (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Ms Ayu Hindayani (BSN) - Participant

Dr Amila Safira (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

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Dr Arlan - (BSN) - Participant

Dr Wiwin Farhania (BSN) - Participant

Dr Ocka Hedrony (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Istiqomah Istiqomah (BSN) - Participant

Dr Mochamad Kurniawan (BSN) - Participant

Dr Bambang Laksono Putro (BSN) - Participant

Dr Feizar Mahendra (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Okasatria Novyanto (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Umi Nuraeni (BSN) - Participant

Dr Maharani Ratna Palupi (BSN) - Participant

Dr Eka Pratiwi (BSN) - Participant

Dr Ardi Rahman (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Azwar Sabana (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Dini Suryani (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Heri Sutanto (BSN) - Participant

Dr Helmi Zaini (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

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Dr Dini Apriori (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

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Dr Fahmy Munawar Cholil (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Gigin Ginanjar (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Muhammad Haekal Habibie (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Dinar N (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Rudi Anggoro Samodro (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

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Dr Aditya Achmadi (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Adib Afham (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Ms Nurul Alfiyati (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Yosi Aristiawan (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Ahmad Mohamad Boynawan (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Agustinus Praba Drijarkara (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Ms Christine Elishian (RCM-LIPI) - Participant

Dr Agah Faisal (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Assef Firnando Firmansyah (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Mr Okky Agassy Firmansyah (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Mr Hafid Hafid (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Dr Nuryatini Hamim (BSN) - Participant

Mr Asep Hapiddin (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Ms Renanta Hayu (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Denny Hermawanto (BSN) - Participant

Ms Nazaroh Kartubi (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Dr Rizky Mulyana (BSN) - Participant

Ms Maharani Ratna Palupi (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Asep Setiawan (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Ms Dyah Styarini (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Mr Arfan Tistomo (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

Ms Caecilia Tuti Budiantari (PTKMR - BATAN) - Participant

Dr Ghufron Zaid (SNSU-BSN) - Participant

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National institute having sponsored a BIPM CBKT initiative (in full or in part)

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