Resolution 3 of the 23rd CGPM (2007)

Dotation of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) for the years 2009 to 2012

The 23rd General Conference,


  • the increased importance of the work of the BIPM to facilitate international trade and industrial innovation, to the assessment of climate change and human health, and the nutritional content and safety of food in all Member States,
  • the record of the BIPM as a scientifically expert body which reacts to the needs of Member States,
  • the broadened responsibilities contained in the programme of work for 2005-2008 and which would be further broadened in the proposed 2009-2012 programme of work,
  • the way in which the BIPM continues to adopt best management practice and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff,
  • the difficulty of the BIPM, for financial reasons, to recruit an adequate number of staff to meet programme goals presented to Member States,
  • the initiatives taken by the BIPM to attract a greater number of its staff through secondments and fixed-term contracts or other short-term arrangements,
  • that the BIPM's financial reserves need to be at a level which ensures that the BIPM can operate with adequate financial security in a changing world,
  • the overall impact of previous financial and other decisions by the CGPM on the BIPM's budget,

thanks those Member States and their National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) who have supported the work of the BIPM through a variety of voluntary contributions,

notes that some Member States and NMIs have already expressed their firm intention to make voluntary contributions to support the programme of work of the BIPM,

urges NMIs to continue to provide their voluntary support, of all kind, to the BIPM at least at the level of their 2005-2008 contributions,

further urges Member States, as well as international organizations, private organizations and foundations also to provide additional voluntary financial and other support,

invites the CIPM to present, to the 24th CGPM, options for addressing the needs for dosimetry comparisons and calibrations using a linear accelerator,

decides that the fixed part of the annual dotation of the BIPM will be increased in such a way that the fixed part and the complementary part (defined in Article 6, 1921, of the Rules annexed to the Metre Convention (1875)) shall, for those States that are parties to the Metre Convention at the time of the 23rd General Conference be:

10 540 000 euros in 2009
10 751 000 euros in 2010
10 966 000 euros in 2011
11 185 000 euros in 2012,


and further decides to support the increasing workload of the BIPM by an additional discretionary contribution of:


407 000 euros in 2009
415 000 euros in 2010
423 000 euros in 2011
431 000 euros in 2012,


requests Member States to declare to the BIPM, as soon as possible, their intention to pay their share of this discretionary contribution,


and requests the Director and the CIPM to prioritize the activities proposed in the programme of work in light of the dotation agreed by the CGPM.

DOI : 10.59161/CGPM2007RES3E

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text

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