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Meeting of the CCRI(III) (2001)

28 to 29 May 2001


Working documents

  • Measurement of the neutron emission rate of an Am-Be (alpha,n) source AMN-1000-1096 according to the intercomparison program
    N.N. Moisseev
  • Measurement of the neutron source strength of a spontaneous fission source based on 244Cm and 252Cf by the calorimetric method
    N.N. Moisseev
  • Neutron field shaper
    N.N. Moisseev
  • The neutron metrology research at CIAE
    Rong Chaofan
  • Recent Activities on Neutron Standardization at the Electrotechnical Laboratory
    K. Kudo
  • Present status of FRS of JAERI
    M. Yoshizawa
  • IRD/LNMRI Neutron Laboratory progress report 2000-2001
  • Present status of the manganese sulfate bath at the LNMRI,
    E. S. da Fonseca 17/05/2001
  • New quantities (Hp e H*) in neutron monitor calibration
    E. S. da Fonseca 17/05/2001
  • Technical activities of the Neutron Interactions and Dosimetry Group, Ionizing Radiation Division, NIST
    D.M.Gilliam 05/07/2001
  • Report of the activities of the Neutron Physics Unit with regard to neutron fluence intercomparisons and measurements for standard cross sections
    A.J.M. Plompen 25/05/2001
  • A brief description of the VNIIM's facilities for measuring of neutron flux and neutron fluence rate

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