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CCQM Task Group on Metrology for Li-ion batteries (CCQM-TG-LI-ION)


Dr Steffen Seitz

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt



Dr Andy Wain

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom


Date Established: April 2023

Status: Active


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S. Seitz



Terms of Reference

The overall goal of this CCQM Task Group is:

  • To identify and evaluate measurands and metrological services related to Li-ion battery technology in the context of the CIPM-MRA in collaboration with other CCs of the CIPM and relevant stakeholders.

Specific goals are:

  1. The TG will be created under the umbrella of CCQM. The TG will identify activities related to Li-ion battery technology conducted by other CCs, i.e. CCEM and, maybe, CCPR. The TG will invite respective members of those CCs as experts to contribute to the work of the TG as members.
  2. TG members will review national and international metrology projects for potential measurement quantities related to Li-ion batteries that might be relevant in the context of CIPM-MRA. A list of involved stakeholders will be created.
  3. A stakeholder event will be conducted based on the outcome of item 2. The stakeholder event will aim to discuss and identify measurands that should be implemented in the framework of the CIPM-MRA. The outcomes of the event will be summarised in a report.
  4. Depending on the decision taken at the stakeholder event a roadmap on the implementation of measurands for Li-ion battery technology into the CIPM-MRA framework will be prepared.
  5. Provided the TG reveals the necessity for permanent cross-CC collaboration on specific measurands related to Li-ion battery technology, the TG and will make recommendations to the concerned CCs via the CCQM President to start the process of establishing a mode of operation to be approved by the CIPM.

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