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Metrology for Safe Food and Feed - Pesticides and Veterinary Drug Residues

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This project, started in 2020, is designed to allow NMIs to work together to strengthen metrology for food safety infrastructure; provide knowledge transfer to scientists developing capabilities in this area, including periods as visiting scientists at the BIPM; and enable NMIs to provide pesticide and veterinary drug calibrant and food matrix reference materials and proficiency test materials to support food testing laboratories within their countries.

The project has support from a number of NMIs who are providing scientific expertise and materials to the project. The technical activities at the BIPM will focus on Calibrants and providing appropriate training and knowledge transfer.

The knowledge transfer programmes include on-line support. The first knowledge transfer study on Purity Evaluation of Tetracycline.HCl, in the area of calibrators for veterinary drug residues in food, concluded in October 2022. Future activities for this category will provide Purity Evaluation Guidelines (PEGs) for the hydrochloride salts of tetracycline and oxytetracycline.
A new project on calibrators for pesticides residue analysis will commence in 2024.

Eligibility and application process: NMIs and DIs from Member States and Associates wishing to participate in the knowledge transfer study should complete the registration form.

Financial Support:

The BIPM would like to thank the following institutes for providing financial support for the project:

  • UME, Turkey (provision of tetracycline materials and UME scientist and laboratory time)
  • INMETRO, Brazil (provision of qNMR internal standards)
  • NIM, China (provision of pesticide materials and NIM scientist and laboratory time)

NMIs/DIs interested in providing financial support the project should contact the BIPM for further information.

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