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2020 - BIPM-APMP Training course: Timescale and Algorithms

BIPM contact

Mr Chingis Kuanbayev

Bureau international des poids et mesures



The BIPM and APMP are organizing a joint training initiative on Timescale and Algorithms ("TTA2020"). The training is intended to support institutes in the improvement of national standard time, national services in Time and Frequency metrology, and contributions to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) through participation in BIPM Circular T / Key Comparison CCTF-K001.UTC.

The programme will cover the practical aspects that will enable participants to gain a basic knowledge in national time scale generation, measurements and evaluation of the data, and steering to UTC. The course includes practical exercise in data analysis and open source software code for data processing and evaluations will be provided. Detailed information is available in the training brochure below.

Programme highlights


Basic knowledge
of creating a timescale
  • Generation of UTC timescale
  • Realization of a UTC(k)
  • How to design a system
  • Example of actual UTC(k) systems
Clock data analysis
  • Clock behaviour
  • Exercise 1: Checking typical noise,
    estimation of Allan deviation
Time comparison for timescales
  • Time scale comparison by GNSS
Good data acquisition
  • Measurement, errors and calibration
  • Exercise 2: Checking measurement data
    (plotting, fitting, filtering)
  • Exercise 3: Anomaly detection
Simulation of atomic timescales
  • Calculation of an average timescale
  • Exercise 4: Computing a timescale (simulation)
  • Exercise 5: Supplementary training
    (grouping on different subject)
General framework
  • Regional framework
  • International framework

Expected participants

This training is designed for experts who are/will be in charge of operating national standard time and participating in UTC, or who are already contributing but have encountered difficulties with data quality. Conditions for candidates are given in the application document.

Some participants from APMP may receive support from the MEDEA project. Experts from other RMOs are welcome at their own expenses. For organization reasons, the number of participants is limited to 25.

Dates and venue

  • 1-3 July 2020, Bangkok, Thailand. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the course has been cancelled.


  • Financial support by the APMP-APLMF-PTB MEDEA project and LNE-SYRTE.
  • Organization support by NIMT, Thailand.

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