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Creation of the CCRI Digital SI Task Group

The Resolution 2 of the 27th CGPM on the Global digital Transformation and the International System of units encouraged the CIPM to continue its outreach and engagement initiatives to ensure that the Metre Convention naturally extends its role as the globally accepted anchor of trust for metrology into the digital era and to undertake the development and promotion of an SI Digital Framework.

The CCRI therefore decided to create a Task Group on digital transformation aiming to advise the CCRI on the SI Digital Framework and the wider implications of the global digital transformation for ionising radiation metrology, as well as to act as a forum to exchange information on progress and to create synergies and opportunities for collaboration in this field.

In this wider context, the TG will focus on the following specific short-term priorities:

  • Kind of quantities identification in view of the digitalisation of service categories of the KCDB.
  • Discuss how “digital traceability chain” could be implemented for applications in the three sections.
  • Collect use cases and user needs from the three sections.

The TG is chaired by Romain Coulon (BIPM IR Department) and includes two representatives from all three of the CCRI sections and one representative from the ICRU, the IAEA/WHO SSDL network and the LNHB/DDEP group with appropriate expertise.

The scope and membership of the TG will be reviewed by CCRI at its biennial meetings in the light of progress and the wider developments of the Digital SI (liaising as appropriate with the CIPM Digital-SI forum)