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Welcome to the CCRI Newsletter, giving the latest news about the international measurement system, including reports on recent meetings, updates on comparison exercises, links to publications, news on training courses, details of secondments, and links to conferences.

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The Henri Becquerel National Laboratory (LNHB) at @CEA-List is participating in the World Metrology Day! Two videos are available in English. Other videos are available in French on the LNHB website (   The LNHB is the French national laboratory for metrology in the field of ionizing radiation. As such, it belongs...

The value of the range of communication channels the CCRI can use to engage, inform and support the Ionizing Radiation (IR) community has been demonstrated in the last years; in particular electronic communication (Webinars, e-learning, Blog, Newsletter, YouTube). Although this is led, coordinated and mostly resourced from the BIPM work programme, it would be valuable to ensure that the...

The Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques (LLRMT) 2022 conference will take place at Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS), Italy, on 2-6 May 2022.

The CCRI Strategy provides an overview of the CCRI strategy to 2028 and beyond. The strategy was developed by CCRI members in consultation with the wider ionizing radiation metrology community and key stakeholders and was first published in 2018. Strategies such as this need to be living documents. Hence this second version, adopted by the CCRI in June 2021, updates the strategy to reflect...

Accurate patient dosimetry for radionuclide therapy is a complex task which includes measuring the activity of the radionuclide administered to the patient, determining the distribution of the radiopharmaceutical in the body and estimating the radiation dose delivered. This field, which combines biology, dosimetry and radionuclide metrology, is at an early stage. The aim of this workshop is to...

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