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Welcome to the CCRI Newsletter, giving the latest news about the international measurement system, including reports on recent meetings, updates on comparison exercises, links to publications, news on training courses, details of secondments, and links to conferences.

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The workshop was aimed at people from RMOs who have developed, are developing or wish to develop digital electronics suitable for a RMO SIRTI comparison based on a NaI(Tl) well counter. The objective of this workshop with 35 participants from 16 NMIs/DIs was to : define the needs by discussing techniques for accurate live-time corrections share experience with different digital electronics...

The BIPM is looking for a scientist with experience in radionuclide metrology for the development of a new, high precision method to compare primary standards of alpha-emitting radionuclides. Please contact the Department Director, Dr Vincent Gressier, to discuss the project and confirm whether the secondment opportunity is still available. Further information available here.

Radioactive sources are at the heart of CCRI activities, whether it is a reference field for the calibration of instruments, an unknown sample that needs to be identified and standardized, or a check source that monitors system stability. However there are pressures from several different directions to reduce the use of radioactive sources in ionizing radiation applications, replacing them with...

The KCWG(II) has posted the Measurement Methods Matrix (MMM), as a tool for evaluating CMCs in radioactivity, on the BIPM website. In the interest of supporting the calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) published by National Measurement and Designated Institutes (NMIs and DIs) on the Key Comparison Database (KCDB), the Consultative Committee on Ionizing Radiation Section II...

The Henri Becquerel National Laboratory (LNHB) at @CEA-List is participating in the World Metrology Day! Two videos are available in English. Other videos are available in French on the LNHB website (   The LNHB is the French national laboratory for metrology in the field of ionizing radiation. As such, it belongs...

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