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CCRI Section I meeting – 2023

The CCRI(I) was held from 1 to 2 June 2023 at the Vienna International Centre in conjunction with the IAEA SSDL (Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories) Network meeting the 29 and 30 of May 2023. A Joint IAEA-SSDL CCRI(I) one day workshop was organized between the two meetings to enhance the links between the two communities. All these events provided online participation. 40 attendees of CCRI(I) were in-person at the IAEA , with 15 attending virtually.

Malcolm McEwen (NRC, Canada) is the current chair of CCRI(I) and has been renewed until 2027.

The following list outlines the recommendations and actions noted from the summary of this meeting.

  • The KCWG(I) (Key Comparison Working Group of section 1) is requested to produce a “how far does the light shine” guidance document to link comparisons with CMCs.
  • The KCWG(I) is requested to provide guidance on updating measurement standards (if not done at time of a Key Comparison).
  • The BSWG(I) (Brachytherapy Standards Working Group) should be reformed to discuss options for Low Dose Rate (LDR) brachytherapy comparisons.
  • The joint SSDL/CCRI(I) meeting should be repeated, when possible; likely date is 2029 (due to meeting cycles of the two groups).

A follow-up virtual meeting was held the 29 of June 2023 to review the Vienna meeting discussions and make final decisions on potential actions proposed.