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2023 Randall S. Caswell Award: Dr Lisa Karam

Dr Lisa Karam, the Chair of CCRI Section II: Measurement of radionuclides, was presented with the 2023 Randall S. Caswell Award by the US Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS).

The award is in recognition of Dr Karam’s distinguished achievements in the field of Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards since beginning her career as a research chemist at NIST in 1983. From 2003 to 2017 she served as Chief of the Radiation Physics Division, playing a pivotal role in NIST’s international interactions in radionuclide metrology. Her research interests encompass radioactivity and dosimetry measurements, particularly in nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, as well as the establishment of an international infrastructure for metrology of ionizing radiation. Dr Karam has co-authored over 65 peer-reviewed papers on the measurement, standards and use of ionizing radiation during her four decades of  activity.

The Caswell Award of CIRMS is reserved for those scientists who have made special contributions to radiation measurements and standards in the US. Lisa was selected because of her leadership in CIRMS over the past two decades in all aspects of the organization. Lisa’s legacy at NIST will be her advocacy with the US Congress and the NIST administration for the major modernization of the radioactivity and radiation dosimetry facilities reflected in the new Radiation Physics Building at NIST.” Bert Coursey (formerly NIST)

The BIPM joins in congratulating Dr Karam for her extensive and successful involvement in ionizing radiation metrology research and development.


Randall S. Caswell Award webpage

Dr Karam receiving the Randall S. Caswell Award from Spencer Mickum, CIRMS former President.