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M. Martin J.T. Milton

M. Martin J.T. Milton

Bureau international des poids et mesures [BIPM]

Pavillon de Breteuil

92312 Sèvres Cedex


  • MA (1981) University of Oxford
  • PhD (1990) Physics, University of Southampton
  • MBA (1994) London Business School
  • Finkelstein Medal (2016) Institute of Measurement and Control
  • Joined the National Physical Laboratory (UK) in 1981, appointed as an NPL Fellow in 1998, prior to joining the BIPM in 2012 as Deputy Director
  • Director of the BIPM since 1 January 2013
  • Honorary Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of York (UK)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK)
  • Fellow of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
  • Member of the Editorial Boards of Metrologia and Kaye and Laby
  • Member of the Science Council of the European Measurement Research Programme (EMRP), the Scientific Council of INRIM (Italy) and the International Advisory Board of NIM (China).
  • Chairman of the Joint Committee of the RMOs and the BIPM (JCRB) and the Joint Committee for Guides on Metrology (JCGM)

Comparable measurements for a digital world

2019 - APMP Symposium

The redefinition of the base units of the SI: How we achieved it

2018 - APMP Symposium

The Metre Convention and the BIPM

2016 - CBKT Course - BIPM

On the proposed re-definition of the SI

2016 - Varenna Metrology School - Varenna, Italy

New challenges for metrology in chemistry (and biology)

2016 - Varenna Metrology School - Varenna, Italy

The Importance of Metrology for Standards, Industry and Trade

2014 - APMP Symposium - Daejeon, Rep. of Korea

Measurement science and the environment

2014 - NCSLI - Orlando, United States

Electrical units in the new SI: Saying goodbye to the 1990 values

2014 - NCSLI - Orlando, United States

The impact of the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement across metrology

2013 - The GUM: Past, Present and Future - NPL, UK

New challenges for metrology in chemistry and biology

2013 - Metrologie - Paris, France

Metrology at the service of the economy, society and citizens

2013 - Porto, Portugal

On the possible future revision of the SI

2013 - ISMTII 2013 - Aachen, Germany

Low Carbon and Climate Science: the present and future role of international metrology

2013 - International NMI Conference on Low Carbon and Climate Science - NPL, UK

BIPM and the International Measurement System

2013 - METAS, Switzerland

Comité consultatif du temps et des fréquences

Directeur du BIPM

Du 28 au 29 octobre 2020

Comité consultatif de thermométrie

Directeur du BIPM

20 octobre 2020

Directeurs des laboratoires nationaux de métrologie et représentants des États Membres

Directeur du BIPM

15 octobre 2020

CIPM Task Group on the Digital SI

Directeur du BIPM

10 mars 2021

Working Group of Member State Representatives

Directeur du BIPM

18 février 2021

CCU Working Group on Strategy

Directeur du BIPM

Du 26 au 27 janvier 2021