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Atelier du CCQM "Particle Metrology"

25 au 27 octobre 2022

Particle WS


Particles are everywhere, occurring in the environment naturally and as products of human activity, or engineered for science and technology applications that are important to our modern world. Anthropogenic particles found in nature are often damaging to ecosystems and human health. An excellent example is air-suspended particulates in the sub-micrometre size range, which are responsible for many premature deaths worldwide each year, as well as micrometre particles, which cause adverse health effects.

But particles are also very important to modern science and technology, with useful applications in every industrial sector. As examples, carbon nanotubes are added to rubber to improve automotive tire performance, nanoparticles can be added to steel to make it stronger, and nanoparticles are being utilized for drugs that have higher efficacy and reduced side effects compared to more conventional drugs. Given the broad effects and applications of particles, and the need for their accurate measurement in all the locations they occur, the topic is inherently of great interest to the CCQM and its working groups.

Key topics

The workshop will include dedicated sessions on the metrology of measurements of:

  • particles suspended in air or other gases
  • particles suspended in water or other liquids
  • particles in biological materials and pharmaceuticals
  • risk assessment related to particles


The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To foster a meaningful information exchange between the CCQM working groups and their stakeholders on the current state of particle metrology, with emphasis on gaps pertinent to modern science and technology
  • To inform the CCQM working groups regarding currently overlooked activities that need to be undertaken, and to develop a CCQM action plan based on the workshop findings.

Steering Committee

Michael Winchester


Konstantina Vasilatou

METAS (Switzerland)

Caterina Minelli


Richard Brown


Paola Fisicaro

LNE (France)

Bernd Guettler

PTB (Germany)

Heidi Goenaga-Infante


Jonathan Campbell


Narine Oganyan

VNIIFTRI (Russian Federation)

Steven Westwood (Workshop Executive Secretary)



Documents de travail

Désolé, aucun document n’est disponible pour cette réunion.

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