Physical Metrology - strategic overview

BIPM work programme - Physical Metrology

Strategic overview

  • To support the comparison programme of the CCEM to demonstrate the capabilities of the NMIs and for knowledge transfer by scientists conducting on-site comparisons using dedicated travelling quantum standards.
    • To support the CCEM strategy delivering a programme of on-site comparisons using a new generation of more efficient and versatile quantum standards to increase the impact of the service with NMIs.
    • Provide knowledge transfer services to NMIs that are developing new quantum standards capabilities.
  • To support NMIs that have no access to quantum standards by providing calibrations for electrical quantities and by knowledge transfer.
    • Adapt the portfolio of calibration services to the NMI’s needs.
      • Pioneer the implementation of digital calibration certificates for BIPM services.
    • Provide knowledge transfer on electrical quantum standards for emerging NMIs.
  • To support the mise en pratique of the kilogram by coordinating CCM key comparisons of primary realizations held by NMIs.
    • To support the CCM strategy by coordinating key comparisons of primary realizations of the kilogram and of secondary mass standards according to the mise en pratique.
    • Maintain the BIPM Kibble balance for realizing the kilogram.
  • To support the dissemination of the kilogram by providing calibrations of mass standards to NMIs that have no access to a primary realization.
    • Implement digital calibration certificates and provide knowledge transfer in the fields of the realization (Kibble balance) and dissemination of the kilogram.



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