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Dr David T. Burns

Dr David T. Burns
Ionizing Radiation Department - BIPM

Bureau international des poids et mesures [BIPM]

Pavillon de Breteuil

92312 Sèvres Cedex


Dr David Burns is a principal research physicist in the Ionizing Radiation Department at the BIPM. After graduating from the University of Glasgow, he worked at the NPL in the UK from 1983 before joining the BIPM in 1996. His expertise is in the dosimetry of photon and electron beams, notably the development of ionometric and calorimetric primary measurement standards and the application of Monte Carlo calculations in this domain.

Having been the BIPM representative to the ICRU since the late 1990s, he was elected as a Commissioner of the ICRU in 2012 and was subsequently appointed Chairman of their Fundamental Quantities and Units Committee. He has worked on dosimetry protocols for the UK and for the IAEA and was coauthor of the widely used IAEA TRS-398 code of practice for the determination of absorbed dose to water in radiotherapy. More recently he joined the Scientific Committee that steers the work of the dosimetry section at the IAEA.

Author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, he is an elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics in the UK and is currently working on a reference textbook on the fundamentals of ionizing radiation dosimetry.

Consultative Committee for Units


From 08 to 09 October 2019

Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation


07 June 2019

General Conference on Weights and Measures

BIPM staff in attendance

From 13 to 16 November 2018

The past, present and future of ionizing radiation metrology

BIPM staff in attendance

19 October 2020

CCRI ad hoc Working Group on Strategy

BIPM staff in attendance

06 June 2019

CCRI Section I: X- and gamma rays, charged particles

BIPM staff in attendance

From 05 to 06 June 2019