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Dr Sten Bergstrand

Dr Sten Bergstrand
International Liaison and Communication - BIPM

Bureau international des poids et mesures [BIPM]

Pavillon de Breteuil

92312 Sèvres Cedex


Consultative Committee for Thermometry

JCRB Executive Secretary

20 October 2020

Joint Committee of the Regional Metrology Organizations and the BIPM

Executive Secretary

From 08 to 10 September 2020

Consultative Committee for Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration

BIPM staff in attendance

From 26 to 27 September 2019

CCEM Working Group on RMO Coordination

BIPM staff in attendance

06 April 2021

CCPR Working Group on CMCs

BIPM staff in attendance

09 December 2020

Online technical exchange: KCDB 2.0 - TC Chairs in Chemistry and Biology


22 October 2020