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2017 "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" course extended to the regional level

A one-day workshop was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 10 April 2018 as part of the BIPM's ongoing series of joint initiatives with the Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs). The BIPM-COOMET "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" Workshop was hosted by IMBH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and was organized under the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CBKT) banner, specifically to advance the 'right first time' philosophy for participation in the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA). Twenty-seven participants from 14 countries actively participated in the workshop. Lecturers were drawn from leading NMIs and the BIPM to deliver the workshop content.

Content of the Workshop

The workshop drew on the global "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" course, which was held at the BIPM in November 2017 with specific case studies and presentations that covered issues of particular relevance to implementation of certain CIPM MRA requirements in the COOMET region. PTB focused on national quality infrastructure and described in detail the role that metrology contributes to all elements of this infrastructure. The Ukrainian case study focused on practical implementation of the CIPM MRA and the impacts of internationally recognized traceable metrological services. The Bosnia and Herzegovinian NMI gave a case study that shared their experiences on implementing a quality system (QS) which is acceptable to RMOs, since all NMIs must have their QS reviewed and approved by the RMO of which they are a member. The final case study was presented by Georgia, an Associate of the CGPM, which in a short period of time became a pilot of certain RMO comparisons. Real practical examples and tips on participation and piloting comparisons were given.

COOMET knowledge transfer activities

COOMET adopted a resolution on organization of the joint COOMET-BIPM capacity building and knowledge transfer initiatives at its General Assembly in 2016. The first initiative, described above, was aimed at NMIs that have signed the CIPM MRA but not yet submitted CMCs (or are early in the process). A second initiative is planned for 2019 as a follow-up to the outcomes of the CIPM MRA revision. The workshop participants greatly appreciated the organization and relevance of the workshop topics and acknowledged COOMET's activities within the framework of the BIPM CBKT programme.


"As COOMET Vice-President, responsible for training and knowledge transfer, I encourage and support the holding of such joint events.

For COOMET member countries with developing metrological infrastructure, the knowledge they gain will give them more insight into the process of signing the CIPM MRA and will allow them to effectively carry out comparisons and operate laboratory procedures to achieve successful first-time QS and technical peer evaluation. The knowledge gained will also facilitate their effective involvement in the world-wide metrological community and enhance interactions with the international measurement system."

Prof. Dr Pavel NEYEZHMAKOV, COOMET Vice-President

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