Liaison: Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards (VAMAS)


Formal relationship


Links between the BIPM and VAMAS

  • The BIPM works closely with VAMAS to promote improved metrological traceability, better comparability of data and the availability of appropriate reference materials, all of which are important for regulators, manufacturers, standards bodies and accreditation bodies.


VAMAS supports world trade in products dependent on advanced materials technologies, through international collaborative projects aimed at providing the technical basis for harmonized measurements, testing, specifications, and standards.

The BIPM and VAMAS cooperate to identify and solve issues of metrological traceability, estimation of measurement uncertainty and the use of SI units for measurements of (and related to) materials properties.

The BIPM's collaboration with VAMAS builds on the recommendations of the CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Metrology of Materials (see the WGMM report Evolving Need for Metrology in Material Property Measurements (2008)).



Dr Anna Cypionka

International Liaison and Communication

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