Liaison: International GNSS Service (IGS)


Links between the BIPM and the IGS

  • Dr Patrizia Tavella (BIPM Time Department) is a member of the IGS Governing Board.
  • The IGS participates in the CCTF.
  • The BIPM is represented in the IGS Working Groups on Clock Products and Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution.
  • The IGS provides within its products corrections and parameters necessary for the calculation of UTC/TAI. Their use allows the best statistical uncertainty (sub-nanosecond) to be achieved for time transfer.


The IGS is a voluntary federation of over 200 self-funding agencies, universities, and research institutions in more than 100 countries; working together to provide open access, high-quality GNSS data products. These products enable access to the definitive global reference frame for scientific, educational, and commercial applications.

The BIPM and the IGS cooperate to makes available for use the products necessary for the best time-transfer solutions developed and used by the BIPM Time Department in the computation of UTC.



Dr Patrizia Tavella

Time Department

Dr Giulio Tagliaferro

Time Department

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