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Former Associate: Sudan


The Republic of the Sudan was an Associate of the CGPM from 26 June 2014 to 31 December 2021.



Participation in the BIPM CBKT programme

2021 - BIPM-ILAC joint webinar: Mining KCDB 2.0 in the context of accreditation (2021)

Dr Hager Alfadl - Participant

Dr Walaa Haider Elobeid Mustafa - Participant

Dr Abdulrahman Hatim (SSMO) - Participant

Dr Ilaf Eltahir Ismail Mohamed - Participant

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2018 - AFRIMETS: Sound beginning (2018)

Dr Omer Abdalla Ibrahim Ahmed (SSMO) - Participant

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National institute having sponsored a BIPM CBKT initiative (in full or in part)

No sponsorship yet.

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