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Member State: Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a Member State on 11 February 2011.





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Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 25 May 2011
Signed by: Nabil AMEEN MOLLA (SASO-NMCC)

Designated institute(s)

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

For ionizing radiation (from 18 September 2023)



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The following institutes are authorized to use the CIPM MRA logo, for the fields of measurement supported by CMCs published in the KCDB:


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Comparisons piloted by the BIPM

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Calibration certificates issued by the BIPM


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Calibration certificate No.104 (2021)

100 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02087
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.103 (2021)

100 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02085
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.102 (2021)

10 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02081
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.101 (2021)

10 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02080
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.100 (2021)

1 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02077
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.99 (2021)

1 pF Standard Capacitor, sn 02076
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.66 (2020)

100 Ω standard resistor, sn 248824
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.65 (2020)

100 Ω standard resistor, sn 248813
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.64 (2020)

100 Ω standard resistor, sn 246739
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.62 (2017)

Zener solid-state voltage standard 732B, No. 1978032
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.61 (2017)

Zener solid-state voltage standard 732B, No. 1978031
  • SA
  • SASO

Calibration certificate No.75 (2015)

1 kg mass prototype, No. 93
  • SA

Calibration certificate No.90 (2002)

1 kg mass standard in "Nicral D", No. SASO 1
  • SA
  • SASO



Nationals having participated in / benefited from the BIPM CBKT programme

Dr Ali Alnahdi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Areej Faisal (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Dr Mohammed ALtakroni (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Nasser Al Dawood (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Rashed Al Dosari (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Fahad Al Mutairi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Othman Ali (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Fahad Almuhlaki (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Tariq Alotaibi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Mr Mohammad AL-Ghamdi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Naif Al Anazi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Abdulrahman Rashed Al Askar (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Mohammad Al Fohaid (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Waleed Al Harbi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Ahmed Al Jawan (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Anas Al Salman - Participant

Mr Fheed N. Al Subaey (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Hamad AlGhamdi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Ahmed Aljumayi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Ahmed Aljuwayr (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Khalid Almakhlifi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Mansour Almurayshid - Participant

Mr Ali Alnahdi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Abdullah Alosaimi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Faisal Alqahtani (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Nasser M. Alqahtani (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Abdulelah Alqarnas - Participant

Mr Saud Alqarni (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Abdullah M. Alrobaish (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Rayan Alyousefi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulaziz Alzahrani (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Mehenna Arib (GULFMET) - Participant

Mr Abdulelah Bin Awn (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Sami Bin Jurbua (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Yasser Bin Talha - Participant

Dr Nasser Dawood - Participant

Mr Omar Kanakrieh - Participant

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Dr Sowailem Abdullah Alsowailem (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Rashed Ahmed - Participant

Dr Abdulhakim Al Zamil (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulkarim Al-shahrani (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Fahad Alkharraa (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Mohammed Alrashed (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulraham Alzahrani (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Saad Bin Qoud (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Shahad Bin Shuqayr (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Mr Ahmed Al Ayli (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Khaled Al Enizi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulaziz Al Mutairi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulraman Al Mutairi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Farah Aljamaan (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulrahman Almarhoum (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Mohammed Almelfi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Majed Otaibi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Dr Husham Abdullbagi - Participant

Dr Salim H. Alsaidi - Participant

Dr Omer Elfadil Hassan Ahmed - Participant

Dr Mohammed Eltom - Participant

Dr Brahim Houla - Participant

Dr Hamza Khan - Participant

Dr Mohamed Merghani - Participant

Dr Seifelnasr Osman (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Emad Rashad - Participant

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Dr Khaled Mahmoud (SASO-NMCC) - Attendee

Mr Abdullah Sulaiman Alowaysi (SASO-NMCC) - Attendee

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Mr Khalid Al Dawood (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Mr Saleh Mojaewel (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Mr Najjy Al Yami (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Dr Abdulilah Abdulaziz Bayk - Participant

Dr Fatima Abdullah Aldubaisi - Participant

Dr Mohammad Ali Alghanem - Participant

Dr Basel Fahad Al-Rayes - Participant

Dr Aisha Hamad Alaqeel - Participant

Dr Majda Hamdan Alenazi - Participant

Dr Zakia Hashim Al Hariri - Participant

Dr Saleh Khalid Al Mohsn (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Ameen Mawadh Alsubhi - Participant

Dr Hamad Mohammd Al Manssur - Participant

Dr Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Ahmadi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

Dr Abdulaziz Mohammed Atiya - Participant

Dr Fahad Refaei Al Mutairi (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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Mr Faisal Alsulaiman (SASO-NMCC) - Participant

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