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Member State: Kenya

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The Republic of Kenya became a Member State on 1 January 2010 (previously having been an Associate State of the CGPM since 24 September 2002).

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Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 21 November 2002
Signed by: J. KIOKO (for the Managing Director, KEBS)

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Calibration certificates issued by the BIPM


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Calibration certificate No.57 (2011)

1 kg mass prototype, No. 95
  • KE

Calibration certificate No.138 (2022)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, KS5
  • KE
  • KBS

Calibration certificate No.137 (2022)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, KS4
  • KE
  • KBS

Calibration certificate No.136 (2022)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, KS3
  • KE
  • KBS

Calibration certificate No.135 (2022)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, KS2
  • KE
  • KBS

Calibration certificate No.134 (2022)

1 kg stainless steel mass standard, KS1
  • KE
  • KBS

Calibration certificate No.133 (2022)

1 kg Pt-Ir mass prototype, 95
  • KE
  • KBS



Nationals having participated in / benefited from the BIPM CBKT programme

Mr Ibrahim Ahmed (KEBS) - Participant

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Dr Solomon Joseph (KEBS) - Participant

Ms Jacqueline Kang'iri Njeri (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Kipkemoi Ketili (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Alphonsus Kipkemboi - Participant

Mrs Beatrice Lugadiru (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Stephen Mboloi (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Kiplangat Ngeno (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Harrison Njoroge (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Wilson Ombati Nyang'au (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Tom Okumu Oduor (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Dominic Ondoro (KEBS) - Participant

Ms Owiti Orwa Tabitha (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr Gibson Aguko (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Samuel Rwai Gacheru (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Anderson Maina (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Getrude Nthongo (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Richard Odak (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr Josephat Obwoge Bangi (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr Boniface Muendo (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Emmaculate Sanya (KEBS) - Participant

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Dr Robert Kagwithi (KEBS) - Secondee at another institute

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Dr Grace Ateka (KEBS) - Participant

Mr Collins Omondi (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr George Maswai (KEBS) - Secondee at another institute

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Mr Dennis Nyarangi Moturi (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr Peter Gathu Kahihia (KEBS) - Participant

Dr Geoffrey Muriira Karau (KEBS) - Participant

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Mr Thomas Robert Olala (KEBS) - Secondee at another institute

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Mr Isaac Mugenya (KEBS) - Secondee at the BIPM

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Mr David Tonui (KEBS) - Participant

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National institute having sponsored a BIPM CBKT initiative (in full or in part)

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