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Member State: Belarus

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The Republic of Belarus became a Member State on 13 January 2020 (previously having been an Associate State of the CGPM since 5 May 2003).




State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus



Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 14 October 2003
Signed by: Nikolai ZHAGORA (Gosstandart)

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Belarussian State Institute for Metrology



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The following institutes are authorized to use the CIPM MRA logo, for the fields of measurement supported by CMCs published in the KCDB:


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Nationals having participated in / benefited from the BIPM CBKT programme

BIPM-ILAC joint webinar: Mining KCDB 2.0 in the context of accreditation (2021)

Dr Andrei Batayeu - Delegates

Dr Nadia Efremova (BelGIM) - Delegates

Dr Elena Labpinsk - Delegates

Dr Irene Ladnykh - Delegates

Dr Sviatlana Miranovich-Kachur - Delegates

Dr Ekatarina Paus - Delegates

Dr Alena Savitskaya - Delegates

Dr Evgeny Zubets - Delegates

2020 - COOMET: The KCDB2.0 (2020)

Dr Svetlana Babariko (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Aleksandr Bardonov (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Yulia Demidenko-Drozdovskaya (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Andrey Esman (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Ekaterina Filistovich (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Aleksandr Florizyak (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Aleksandr Galygo (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Alina Goroshkova (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Vasiliy Gulyuk (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Natalia Kamkova (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Elena Kazakova (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Andrey Kolchin (BelGIM) - Attendee

Mrs Tatiyana Kolomiets (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Aleksandr Korbutovskiy (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Petr Krivonos (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Irina Lukhverchik (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Vladimir Makarevich (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Olga Mankevich (BelGIM) - Attendee

Mr Alexei Mironchik (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Evgeniy Obozny (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Vadim Popko (BelGIM) - Attendee

Ms Valentina Pozdeeva (BelGIM) - Attendee

Mr Siarhei Saroka (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Diana Sentemova (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Dmitriy Skums (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Tatiana Sosnovskaya (BelGIM) - Attendee

Ms Aryna Sviarzhynskaya (BelGIM) - Secondee at another institute

Ms Alena Takun (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Olga Tarasova (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Olga Volchok (BelGIM) - Attendee

Mr Anatoly Volodchenko (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Aleksey Volynets (BelGIM) - Attendee

Ms Maryna Yarmolovich (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Valentin Zubarev (BelGIM) - Attendee

2019 - COOMET: CIPM MRA review outcomes (2019)

Dr Valery Hurevich (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Sviatlana Kazak (BelGIM) - Attendee

Dr Nadezhda Liakhova (BelGIM) - Attendee

TÜBİTAK UME project placements (2018)

Ms Alena Bayenskaya (BelGIM) - Secondee at another institute

National institute having sponsored a BIPM CBKT initiative (in full or in part)

No sponsorship yet.

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