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Member State: United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates became a Member State on 27 April 2015.




Emirates Metrology Institute


Masdar - Abu Dhabi

Participating in the CIPM MRA since: 03 February 2016
Signed by: Rashid Ahmed BIN FAHAD (Minister of Environment and Water; Chairman, ESMA)

Designated institute(s)

Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation SSDL

For ionizing radiation (from 19 May 2021)


Abu Dhabi

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Calibration certificates issued by the BIPM


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Calibration certificate No.13 (2019)

Zener voltage standard, No. 2169033
  • AE
  • EMI

Calibration certificate No.36 (2018)

10 kΩ standard resistor, J2-1529650
  • AE
  • EMI

Calibration certificate No.35 (2018)

10 kΩ standard resistor, J2-1529649
  • AE
  • EMI

Calibration certificate No.34 (2018)

1 Ω standard resistor, 14395
  • AE
  • EMI

Calibration certificate No.2 (2018)

1 kg mass standard, No. ID142131
  • AE
  • EMI

Calibration certificate No.1 (2018)

1 kg mass standard, No. ID142130
  • AE
  • EMI



Nationals having participated in / benefited from the BIPM CBKT programme

KCDB 2.0 - CMC Writers in Ionizing Radiation (2022)

Dr Khalid Al Jader - Delegates

Dr Noora Alshamsi (FANR SSDL) - Delegates

Dr Misganaw Tsegaye (EMI) - Delegates

Online technical exchange: KCDB 2.0 – Comparisons (2021)

Dr Mohamed Abdelmotagaly - Delegates

Dr Resmija Abdul Salam - Delegates

Dr Noora Ahli - Delegates

Dr Abdulla AlBlooshi (FANR SSDL) - Delegates

Mr Waleed Alkalbani (EMI) - Delegates

Dr Maryam Alsenaidi (EMI) - Delegates

Dr Afnan Alshuweihi - Delegates

Dr Anila George - Delegates

Dr Muzoun Hamad Almuzaini (ESMA) - Delegates

Dr Muhammed Ishaqali - Delegates

Dr Harold Mark Dexter Angeles Celestial - Delegates

Dr Christos Mitsas (EMI) - Delegates

Ms Samia Mohamed (FANR SSDL) - Delegates

Dr Jahir Hussain Noor Mohamed - Delegates

Dr Little Dhinesh Thanislas - Delegates

KCDB 2.0 - TC Chairs in General Physics (2020)

Mr Ahmed Al Breiki (EMI) - Attendee

Mrs Maryam Al Senaidi (EMI) - Attendee

Mrs Shamsa Alkayyoomi (EMI) - Attendee

Dr Khaled Almazrouei (EMI) - Attendee

Dr Miltiadis Anagnostou (EMI) - Attendee

Mr Jon Greg Bartholomew (EMI) - Attendee

2019 - BIPM-GULFMET Workshop: Metrology for Safe Food and Feed (2019)

Mrs Amina Albastaki Zainal (ESMA) - Attendee

Ms Asma Alhosani (EMI) - Attendee

TÜBİTAK UME project placements (2018)

Ms Shamsa Saleh Alkayyoomi (EMI) - Secondee at another institute

2017 - Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA (2017)

Dr Nahayan Al Menhali (EMI) - Participant

Mr Mohammed Ahmed Al Mulla (EMI) - Lecturer

Mr Majed Al Senaidi (EMI) - Participant

Mr Khaled Alshehhi (EMI) - Participant

2016 - GULFMET: TC Workshop (2016)

Mr Mahommed Ahamed Mala - Participant

Mr Adel Hassan Ahmed (ESMA) - Participant

Mr Khaled Ahmed Alshehhi (EMI) - Participant

Ms Alya Yaqoub Al Muhairi (ESMA) - Participant

Mr Hamad Ali Deiban (EMI) - Participant

Mr Ahmad Makinudin Dahlan (EMI) - Participant

Mr Jasem Hassan Al Obeidli (EMI) - Participant

Mr Mohammad Rabah Katbeh Bader (ESMA) - Participant

Ms Moza Khalfan Almemari (EMI) - Participant

Mr Hamad Khalil Aljawi (ESMA) - Participant

Ms Alya Mohammed (ESMA) - Participant

Ms Rima Mousa Ashour (ESMA) - Participant

Mr Mekhled Radhyan Alzaben (ESMA) - Participant

Mr Ghassan Mohamad Ramadan (ESMA) - Participant

Mr Khalid Saadi Mahmoud (ESMA) - Participant

Ms Maryam Salim Al Senaidi (EMI) - Participant

National institute having sponsored a BIPM CBKT initiative (in full or in part)

No sponsorship yet.

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