Working Group Members

JCRB Directory (TC Chairs)

JCRB Executive Secretary

Dr Olav Werhahn

Bureau international des poids et mesures


AUV: Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration

EM: Electricity and Magnetism

L: Length

M: Mass and related quantities

Mr Sami Bin Jarbue

GULFMET (TC Mass and Related Quantities)

Ms Iryna Kolozinska

COOMET (TC 1.6 Mass and related quantities)

Mr Thomas Mautjana

AFRIMETS (TC-M and TC-Mass&Related Q)

Mr Aldo Martin Quiroga Rojas

SIM (MGWG 7: Mass and related Quantities)

Ing. Zoltan Zelenka


M.FF: Mass and related quantities > Fluid Flow

Mr Hernan Brenta

SIM (MGWG 10: Flow and Volume)

Ms Isabelle Care


Dr Deona Jonker

AFRIMETS (TC-Volume and Flow)

Dr Roman Korneev

COOMET (TC 1.4 Flow measurement)

Dr Chunhui Li


PR: Photometry and Radiometry

QM: Chemistry and Biology

RI: Ionizing Radiation

T: Thermometry

TF: Time and Frequency


Ms Sally Bruce

SIM (QSTF: Quality System Task Force (Chair))

Ms Elizabeth Ferreira

SIM (MWG 12: Quality System Vice Chair)

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