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46th meeting of the JCRB

15 to 16 March 2023

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Resolution JCRB/46-1 (2023)

The 47th meeting of the JCRB will be held in Costa Rica (Laboratorio Costarricense de Metrología); tentative dates are the week 18-22 September 2023.

Recommendation JCRB/46-1 (2023)

Noting the availability in the KCDB of a unique and persistent identifier for each CMC (and each version of a CMC), the JCRB recommends use of these CMC identifiers by the participating NMIs/DIs (for example in their quality documentation) and asks the BIPM Headquarters to make available appropriate training material to encourage this.

Action JCRB/46-1 (2023)

The JCRB asks each RMO to nominate (one or two) RMO coordinators for the “Young metrologists’ 2050+ vision” foresighting exercise and to send their names to C. Kuanbayev (BIPM) by 31st March 2023.


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