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43rd meeting of the JCRB (online)

15 to 17 March 2021

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Resolution JCRB/43-1 (2021)

Due to the continuing effects of the global pandemic on travel and workplace accessibility, the JCRB allows the RMOs to extend the validity of RMO-approved quality management systems for one year if it is not possible to develop sufficient confidence in reviews carried out online, in person or a combination of both. The JCRB will revisit this topic at its 44th meeting.

Recommendation JCRB/43-1 (2021)

The JCRB agrees that GULFMET fulfills all requirements described in CIPM MRA-P-12 Appendix B, section B1, and recommends the CIPM to admit GULFMET as a full member of the JCRB, with a voice and the right to vote.

Action JCRB/43-1 (2021)

All RMOs to communicate to M. Dobre the email addresses of contact persons in order to exchange information on digital transformation by the end of March.

Action JCRB/43-2 (2021)

The JCRB requests the JCRB Executive Secretary to incorporate the two minor editorial changes to CIPM MRA-P-11 and CIPM MRA-G-13 and publish them on 31st March. Versions of the documents with tracked changes will be circulated to the RMOs for information.

Action JCRB/43-3 (2021)

The Task Group established in Action 42/3 will prepare a short paper which proposes specific changes to CIPM MRA-G-11 and provides justification for each change that explains how the operation of the MRA will be improved. The paper shall be sent to the JCRB Executive Secretary before 30 April for circulation to the RMOs. Comments from the RMOs on the report will be requested by 15 July to allow the Task group to prepare a consolidated proposal by 15 August for submission to the 44th JCRB meeting.

Action JCRB/43-4 (2021)

The ad hoc Task Group established in Action 41/1 to submit its proposal (with tracked changes) to the published version of CIPM MRA-G-12 and related changes CIPM MRA-P-11 to the JCRB Executive Secretary by 15 April. The JCRB Secretary will circulate to all RMOs for comment by 15 June. The ad hoc TG to prepare a consolidated proposal for submission to the JCRB no later than 15 August.

Action JCRB/43-5 (2021)

Following the finalization of EURAMET.RI.32.2019 on the JCRB CMC website, the JCRB Executive Secretary shall close the site for all other users except “tcguest”. Upon closure, the JCRB CMC website will remain available but not linked from the BIPM website.


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