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42nd meeting of the JCRB (online)

8 to 10 September 2020

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Resolution JCRB/42-1 (2020)

Agreed by correspondence

Considering the restrictions imposed in response to the global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, the end of the transition period to 17025:2017 as decided in JCRB resolution 39/3 is extended from 30 November 2020 to 1 June 2021.

Resolution JCRB/42-2 (2020)

(Agreed by correspondence)

The 42nd JCRB meeting will be held in a series of daily on-line meetings 8 – 10 September, 11:00 to 13:00 (UTC).

Resolution JCRB/42-3 (2020)

(Agreed by correspondence)

The CIPM MRA-P-11, CIPM MRA-P-12 and CIPM MRA-P-13 documents are approved.

Resolution JCRB/42-4 (2020)

Due to the effect of the global pandemic on travel and workplace accessibility, the JCRB approves an extension until June 2021, for all RMO-approved quality management systems set to expire in calendar year 2020, if needed. The JCRB will revisit this topic at its 43rd meeting.

Resolution JCRB/42-5 (2020)

The JCRB CMC website shall close no later than 2021-06-30. The final date will be decided at the 43rd JCRB meeting.   

Resolution JCRB/42-6 (2020)

The 43rd meeting of the JCRB will take place in Sèvres, France during the week beginning 15th March 2021. In case a physical meeting cannot be held, an online meeting will be organized on the same dates.

Resolution JCRB/42-7 (2020)

(Confirmed by post-meeting correspondence 13 December 2020)

The CIPM MRA-G-11, CIPM MRA-G-12 and CIPM MRA-G-13 documents are approved.

Resolution JCRB/42-8 (2020)

(Confirmed by post-meeting correspondence 13 December 2020)

The suite of documents approved in resolutions 42/3 and 42/7 will come into effect on 11 January 2021. Concurrently, CIPM MRA-D-02, CIPM MRA-D-04, CIPM MRA-D-05, CIPM MRA-D-06, CIPM MRA-G-01, CIPM MRA-G-02, CIPM MRA-G-03, CIPM MRA-G-04 and CIPM MRA-P-01 will be withdrawn.

Action JCRB/42-1 (2020)

RMOs shall work with their TCs to review the status of RMO KCs and SCs that have not been completed in 5 years (as listed in the KCDB report) and report to the 43rd meeting of the JCRB.

Action JCRB/42-2 (2020)

The term of the ad hoc Task Group established in Action 41/1, to formulate a proposal regarding the reporting requirements and associated process related to the JCRB actions to establish confidence in each RMOs QS review process, is extended until the 43rd meeting of the JCRB. The latest date for submitting the proposal to the JCRB is 11 February 2021. The task group is charged to launch its first virtual meeting by 10 October 2020.

The task group may also discuss considerations and impacts of any special measures, such as virtual reviews and approvals, taken to address restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic.

The membership is updated to include Georgette Macdonald (convenor), Noha Khaled, Lerato Ntatamala, Kazuaki Yamazawa, Yang Ping, Nino Mikanadze, Kai Stoll-Malke, Julien Vuillemin-Toledo, Asma Al Hosani and Sally Bruce.

Action JCRB/42-3 (2020)

A Task Group will initiate a technical review of the statistical criteria in guideline CIPM MRA-G-11, and report and propose recommendations at the 43rd meeting of the JCRB.  The Task Group will be led by Antonio Possolo (SIM-NIST) and should have representation from each RMO (1 or 2 members from each).


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