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41st meeting of the JCRB (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

10 to 11 September 2019

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Resolution JCRB/41-1 (2019)

The 42nd meeting of the JCRB will take place in Sèvres, France 10-11 March 2020.

UPDATE: See Resolution 41/3

Resolution JCRB/41-2 (2019)

The 43rd meeting of the JCRB to take place week 37, 2020 in Bogota, Colombia. The JCRB Executive Secretary will collaborate with the Instituto Nacional de Metrología de Colombia (INM) and SIM to host it following the 42nd JCRB meeting.

Resolution JCRB/41-3 (2019)

UPDATE of Resolution 41/1: Following a request from the CIPM President and other CIPM members participating in the JCRB to re-consider the dates of the 42nd JCRB meeting, an e-mail enquiry was held amongst the RMOs. Five RMOs supported the proposal and consequently Resolution 41/1 was revoked on 13 December 2019. The 42nd meeting of the JCRB will take place in Sèvres, France 12-13 March 2020.

Action JCRB/41-1 (2019)

An ad hoc Task Group {Georgette Macdonald, Noha Khaled, Kazuaki Yamazawa, Nino Mikanadze, Kai Stoll-Malke, Asma Al Hosani} is established to formulate a proposal for consideration at the 42nd meeting of the JCRB regarding the reporting requirements and associated process related to the JCRB actions to establish confidence in each RMOs QS review process. The proposal may include recommendations related to the informal meeting of RMO QS review representatives and updates to CIPM MRA-G-02 'Guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of the operation of quality systems by RMOs'. The latest date for submitting the proposal to the JCRB is 11 February 2020.

Action JCRB/41-2 (2019)

APMP to send its revised guidelines for the operation of Hybrid Comparisons to the next meeting of the JCRB.


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