Working Group Members

CIPM Working Group on Data (CIPM-WG-DATA)


Prof. Thomas Liew

Senior Fellow & Director

National Metrology Centre, Agency for Science, Technology and Research


cipm-wg-data TOR

Terms of reference

  • take stock of the metrology communities' work in two areas:
    • making our core metrological activities fit for the new digital world
    • engaging with other communities/sectors to bring metrological framework/thinking to areas that are impacted by the digital revolution, including specifically the issue of reproducibility of research results.
  • identify and recommend priority digitalization activities that might best be undertaken by:
    • the CIPM
    • the BIPM
    • the NMIs
    • and/or with other organizations that the CIPM should engage with on (this topic) such as OIML, ILAC, ISO, IEC, IEEE.
  • establish deliverables and timeline for the activities.

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