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CIPM Sectorial Task Group on Climate Change and Environment (CIPM-STG-CENV)


Dr Dolores del Campo Maldonado

Director of Mechanical Quantities and Engineering Division

Centro Español de Metrología


Executive Secretary

Dr Edgar Flores Jardines

Bureau international des poids et mesures


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Terms of reference

The objective of the CIPM STG-CEnv is to provide a global focal point for metrology activities related to climate change and environment by:

  • advising the CIPM on opportunities and unmet requirements for international metrology activities in the field of climate change and environment, and the potential to address these through activities within the BIPM, the BIPM Headquarters’ work programme and with concerted efforts with other International Organisations;
  • liaising with Consultative Committees and Regional Metrology Organisation forums that are active in the field of climate change and environment;
  • liaising with International Organizations with Climate Change and the Environment programmes that are dependent on metrology;
  • providing input to CCs to help shape their strategy and activities, including suggestions for international comparisons required to promote comparability of measurement values in the field of climate change and environment;
  • documenting and monitoring internationally accepted metrology challenges in the field of climate change and environment and approaches to address these to support NMIs in articulating activity and resource needs to Governments, with particular attention for countries with developing economies;
  • encouraging collaboration between CCs, RMOs, NMIs and stakeholders to address these challenges, including the transfer of relevant metrology and good practices pioneered by developed economies to developing economies.


Activities for the period 2023-2026

During the initial four year period of operation the Sector Task Group shall:

  1. Review recommendations from the BIPM-WMO 2022 Workshop on Metrology for Climate Action and segregate and communicate these to those that:
    1. Can be addressed within existing structures in Consultative Committees, Joint Committees and RMOs;
    2. Can be addressed within WMO or other organizations’ committees, but for which additional input from Metrology Experts is required;
    3. Will need to be addressed within new groups that will need to be established to implement the actions to meet recommendations.
  2. Develop documentation that can be submitted by the BIPM Headquarters in response to calls of the COP meetings, starting with COP 28, and develop proposals and accompanying funding for sides events to promote international metrology within key themes being progressed at the COP events.
  3. Act as a top-level liaison group with the WMO Secretariat to coordinate communication and identification of experts to contribute of each other’s committees and to support new initiatives, including but not limited to:
    1. Activities resulting from the BIPM-WMO 2022 workshop;
    2. Metrology activities to support the WMO’s Early Warnings for All initiative;
    3. Metrology activities to support the WMOs’ Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure initiative.
  4. Identify other International Organizations with active Climate and Environment programmes with requirements for metrology services and develop liaisons and recommendations to promote and develop access to such services and requirements for new initiatives.
  5. Develop overview material for the STG webpages and documentation in cooperation with CCs, RMOs and NMIs to summarise Global Metrology activities in Climate and Environmental areas, to promote these activities with stakeholders.
  6. Develop a plan for a workshop/consultation on evolving needs for Metrology in the Environmental sector with a view to developing recommendations on required metrology activities.
  7. Provide annual reports on progress and outcomes of actions identified by the Sector Task Group.